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MotoGP, Mir: "Marquez-Bagnaia? I'd be angry too, but races are these duels."

THE RIDERS SPEAK: Alex Marquez: "Hard to be impartial, but I think it's more Pecco's fault." Espargaro: "The Italian was too aggressive in counterattacking." Marini: "A racing accident."

MotoGP: Mir:

Three laps from the end of the Portuguese GP, the decisive episode happened: the accident between Bagnaia and Marquez. As they fought for the 5th position, the Italian rider was knocked out of the race, and the Spanish rider was relegated to 16th place. The race commissioners dismissed this without a penalty, and the  riders murmured in the paddock. Was it the fault of one or of the other?

For Luca Marini, giving an answer is difficult. "It looks like a racing accident," Marca reported.

Also in the wake of the VR46 Racing rider was Pramac's Jorge Martin. "Competitions are also this. With only a few laps to go, you always try to counterattack if whoever you overtook goes wide. On Saturday, Marc had tried to overtake me right there, but I didn't resist, and so we saved ourselves. In this case, however, they crashed."

For his part, Alex Marquez, brother and teammate of the eight-time world champion, admitted the complexity of expressing himself impartially by tipping the scales of responsibility more on the side of the rider from Piedmont, while putting the judgment in the hands of the stewards. "In these cases, you know that the other rider will go wider. If Pecco was off the trajectory, or if he was going more or less fast, however, it's up to race direction to decide."

Aleix Espargaro 's opinion of Aprilia was clear. "It's a normal collision. That's a point where something happens every year. In my opinion, Bagnaia should've given him more room but, instead, he was very aggressive after losing the position. It can be frustrating sometimes, but you shouldn't overdo it."

Joan Mir tried to explain how these head-to-heads work. "It's a typical situation. When you overtake, the other one is optimistic and opens the throttle, you touch each other and, if you're lucky, as you give back the position, you pull the other one down as well. In this case, only one of the two slipped. These things can happen and no one deserves a punishment. Marquez was on the outside and Pecco accelerated. Normally, one expects to be flanked. Certainly, I would've been angry. But, afterwards, I would've analyzed it calmly. In the end, races are also these duels, and you can't punish them, because that's what we love."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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