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SBK, Iannone: "I ended up on the ground without even pushing"

"It looks easy from the outside. People expect me to win, but this Superbike is tough, and we're only in the second round. Toprak? I expected his attack."

SBK: Iannone:

It was a double-faced Sunday for Andrea Iannone in Barcelona. In the morning, the Go Eleven rider took a great 2nd place. Instead, he ended up falling in the afternoon, occupying a 4th place behind the Turkish rider.

The Maniac's front locked up with eight laps to go, so he was forced to raise the white flag.
"In race two, I could've chased Bulega and Bautista from the start, but I didn't, since my tire dropped on Saturday," he began. "So I tried to preserve it, but we raced with a different tire, a less performing one, but maybe more durable. The truth is that we tried to do something on the bike to improve the situation, but the front was worse than yesterday. In all that, Bautista started further ahead this time, and he had an advantage, considering his experience, among other things. We have to be happy, though, because we worked hard and managed to be fast."

The glass is certainly half full.
"Certainly I never expected what we've done so far, but we're here to learn and understand. In all, I don't have the experience of the other riders in these conditions. Personally, I'm happy with this stage, because we struggled and, this morning, we finished second. From the outside, maybe people expect everything to be easy and for me to win, but it's hard."

Andrea then talked about the fall.
"I fell without even pushing, since I didn't want to recuperate right there. In fact, I didn't expect the  fall, but I ended up on the ground after losing the front. It eventually happens, and we have to remember that this is only my second round."

His last thought was about the finish in the morning Superpole Race.
"I expected Toprak's attack in the last corner, and I think it was a normal overtake. In the end, these are the races, and all the riders are here to win. I think it was a very correct overtake, without any contact. Toprak saw the gap and went for it."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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