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MotoGP, Quartararo: "The Yamaha has improved? Impossible in just two races"

"Good to have finished less than eight seconds behind Vinales, but the excessive wear of the soft tire affected the result. The choice for tomorrow? Hard on the front and medium on the rear."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

Ninth at the finish line of the Portugal Sprint Race Fabio Quartararo as usual analyzed his race without too much enthusiasm and with a lot of realism for a performance that still fails to be what he wanted.

"I expected this result since we were the only ones with the medium on the rear, plus with the soft in front we suffered due to excessive wear - he said - In the first two laps I preferred to suffer a little and then keep a steady pace. The positive thing was that I was able to observe our rivals closely and get some information. For example, I was in Espargaro's rear and he had a totally different riding style. Will tomorrow be better with the medium compound? I don't know, I can say that in the first couple of laps,today, the tires couldn't get up to temperature. In the long run for sure we will mount the hard on the front, which is a bit of a question mark because, mistakenly, we didn't try it on Friday. In any case, it's all experience you get. We'll start to get confidence in the warm-up even if it's cool," he later confirmed the hard-medium choice for Sunday's GP.

Taking overall stock of the day, the rider from Nice emphasized the positive aspects, "Overall it went better than usual. It's not often that I finish less than eight seconds behind the winner with a different choice of tires. The sensations were good. Hopefully we can have a good grand prix, also because the pace with the mediums is not bad."

Then, when questioned about a general improvement of his M1, El Diablo downplayed, "After two rounds you can't think of any big progress, however if we think about our way of working starts from day one of the winter test in Malaysia then yes. In any case to get where we want to be the road is still long."


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