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SBK, QJ introduces itself in Barcelona: "In 2026 we want to race in Superbike."

"Ours is a four-year program with three phases. The SRK 800 RR is a street bike, born for fun, but we are here to gain skills and knowledge to use in racing."

SBK: QJ introduces itself in Barcelona:

QJ's adventure in the Superbike paddock begins in Barcelona. While waiting for the bike to obtain final homologation, the Chinese brand took its first steps, taking to the track to tackle its first race weekend in SuperSport with Raffaele De Rosa.

At the end of FP1, the company's top management introduced themselves to the media together with Gregorio Lavilla, number one in the championship, and Manuel Puccetti, who has been entrusted with managing the team. "Obviously we are very happy to start this adventure," said racing manager Yang Yongqi, " ours is a four-year work program and includes three phases. The first phase is the current one, which is to enter the championship and understand all its dynamics, thus going to acquire knowledge and skills. We are well aware that this will not be easy, because in this SuperSport there are factories with extensive knowledge . Then in 2025 we would like to take a step forward, which is to bring to the track a bike that can fight for the podium and expand our structure. Finally, the last piece is represented by 2026, which is to enter racing in Superbike."

Clear and transparent words those pronounced by the management, which as we know relies on Manuel Puccetti: "The SRK 800 RR is a road bike, born to have fun - continued Yang Yongqi - of course it is a young bike, but as I said we are here to acquire skills and knowledge to carry then into racing. Last year we started talking to Dorna about this possibility, showing strong interest in the category. At the moment the homologation process is not yet finished, however, we want to conclude it soon with the goal of speeding up development."

So there is confidence and awareness for this new challenge: "The purpose of our participation in the Championship is to make QJ known to the whole world - concluded the racing manager - as said, our bike is still close to the production model, but we are developing it more and more to make it racing. As you know, we are already in MotoGP alongside Gresini, because MotoGP is known all over the world. Now we want to continue on both fronts."

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