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SBK, Iannone: "Dall'Igna asked me if I was ready, I immediately said yes."

"I met him several times, then in Misano he asked me this question. At some point I stopped following MotoGP and got into SBK, I wanted to be there, to do those duels."

SBK: Iannone:

Andrea Iannone is ready for the second World SBK race weekend at the Montmeló track in Barcelona. Throughout the tests and then in Phillip Island he has shown that the four-year stop has not in the least affected his talent, his will to win and this second round could undoubtedly confirm him among the riders fighting for something really important even in the championship given the speed shown also during the tests.

Through the pages of he made some very interesting statements, concerning both the period of stop and the current scenario of SBK, a championship that has already entered his heart.

"My four years without racing ... at first it was dramatic, "Iannone explained, " It's hard to understand and adapt because I lost my whole life. When you lose everything, you are a little disoriented. It's like a big accident, but when you have a big accident, maybe you stop for a year. I stopped for four years. It's hard to explain this situation. I felt a lot of support from my fans, family and friends, but it was not easy. Especially the first year I was a little more closed in on myself, but step by step I started to live a normal life."

The sirens of SBK sounded early for Andrea.
"I stopped following MotoGP and started following WorldSBK. I don't know why, but this is the reality. When I was following some races, I felt that I wanted to participate in the races and duels, and that's why I started talking to Gigi Dall'Igna. One day I went to Misano with my father and met him. We talked a little bit and he said, 'So, Andrea, is this what you want and do you think you are ready?' I told him I was. I came back after a long time, I'm really excited about this comeback. I'm happy, I'm living this dream. I'm not going to get back what I lost, it's impossible, but in part I want to try to regain my happiness."

According to The Maniac, the current level of the SBK world championship is very high.
"World SBK is really good, the atmosphere in this paddock is great. I felt a lot of passion for motorsport, for the bike, it's a really good energy for me. At this moment in my career, I think it's the best championship. Now I'm here and I want to enjoy it. The level is very high because every rider is fast. I think the top 10-12 riders are really fast."

The first podium at Phillip Island gave him his first smile.
"I didn't expect what happened. When you get a podium, it's really a great result. It's a really special comeback for me and I will never forget that moment and that weekend. After a long time, I once again experienced a beautiful moment. I fought with the best riders in the SBK world championship, in my first weekend and my first race. What happens now? I was in front, I was first, I led the race. It's unbelievable. I'm really happy, it's beautiful. I won't forget that first weekend."

Translated by Deepdl

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