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MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo: "Now no one has any more excuses, not even Marc Marquez"

The Majorcan's comment after Qatar: "Bagnaia and Martin have the 2024 bike, but Marc's 2023 is also good. The Ducati is a rock, he will take risks but he won't crash as much as in the past"

MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo:

Jorge Lorenzo's passion for motorbikes remains the same as always. Having finished his days as a rider, he is now a commentator for DAZN and has just launched his vlog "Duralavita" on YouTube in which he talks about the GP that has just ended with top-level personalities such as Ramon Forcada and Jaime Alguersari.

One of the Majorcan's favourite topics is Marc Marquez, former rival and teammate, who raced his first race on the Ducati in Qatar. Jorge already has some certainties about him. The first: "he was already ahead of his brother" with a bike that Alex has known for a year, while Marc is now starting to do so. The second: “Marc has changed, he won't crash 25 times. The Ducati is a rock, it gives you confidence, it allows you to understand the limit and it is stable. It has a fantastic front end. For sure Marc will take risks, but he won't have many crashes." The 8-time world champion began his apprenticeship on the Desmosedici intelligently, without overdoing it or making mistakes.

The start is promising, but managing to beat Bagnaia and Martin is not going to be easy. “They are not in the same conditions. They have the 2024 bike and Marc has the 2023, it's a big difference" underlined Lorenzo. However, everyone is on very competitive bikes and this leads to Jorge's conclusion: "They might say that Marquez doesn't have the same bike, but now no one has any excuses, not even Marc because he has a good bike."


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