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MotoGP, Beirer: “We would never want 24 races like in F1, we have already reached the limit”

“The team was at its limit in the last races of last season. The optimal size would be 18 events, not 22, but I wouldn't change the format of the weekends: the Sprint must be held in all events"

MotoGP: Beirer: “We would never want 24 races like in F1, we have already reached the limit”

Since the introduction of Sprint races in all the MotoGP events last season, teams and riders have repeatedly underlined the massive effort they have to make on a physical and mental level to tackle a calendar that is becoming increasingly longer and more substantial from year to year. Without the cancellation of the Argentine GP and the unknowns still surrounding the events in Kazakhstan and India, there were scheduled to be 22 events in 2024. The longest season ever in the intentions of the championship organisers.

A situation that is becoming increasingly unsustainable for all parties involved, as Pit Beirer underlined, once again turning the spotlight on the maximum number of events that should be held in a year. “I would prefer if we didn't break the 20-race barrier and take the pressure off by giving up one or two races. But in my opinion the weekend race format should not change,” KTM's motorsport director told

The former German rider does not look favourably on the idea of adopting the Formula 1 strategy of running Sprint Races only in certain events, but he is loudly calling for the introduction of a maximum number of events per season, to accommodate the needs of employees.

“I'm not a fan of having Sprints in some races and not in others. I think that the Sprints should take place every weekend, but there should not be more than 20 events - he explained - The optimal size that we would like as a manufacturer would be 18 races and not 22. In no case do we want what Formula 1 is experiencing with 24 races. It would be too much. Not because we don't like racing, but because the human factor comes into play."

Managing a calendar that extends from March to November, with tight commitments and long trips around the world, is anything but a walk in the park. Especially if you try to combine work with family responsibilities.

“As a bachelor it's interesting to travel around the world, but when you have a stable relationship and children, it's nice to have mum or dad at home for a weekend. This emerged clearly in the last races abroad of last season. The team was at its limit - Beirer admitted - There were one or two people who resigned with tears in their eyes, because they really liked being part of the team, but they could no longer juggle family and career. This is the only reason why we say the limit has been reached."


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