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MotoGP, Martin: “In 2023, I was obsessed with winning, I suffered under pressure”

“I also worked on the mental aspect during the winter. Bagnaia deserves the renewal. I’ll do my best to get into the official team. Aldeguer in Pramac? He’s ready. He’s the fastes rider in the Moto2.”

MotoGP: Martin: “In 2023, I was obsessed with winning, I suffered under pressure”

Bagnaia’s and Bastianini’s Ducati GP24s prevailed during the last tests in Qatar. A calling card that will definitely not go unnoticed by Jorge Martin, who also rides the official Ducati on the Pramac team, and who finished with a 7th time, five tenths behind Bagnaia, after several problems detected during the tests. The Spanish rider said his Sprint simulation was “a disaster”, but he wanted to reassure everyone that he’ll be ready and competitive for the first challenge in Qatar. So, as they wait for the technicians to do their job and solve the technical riddle, the presentation of the new Prima Pramac team livery was an opportunity for Jorge Martin to talk about the lessons that were learned from last season, as well as the expectations on the track and future prospects. But the mantra remains, as always, the same: be fast and show what you’re worth with facts on the track. You can think about the future later.

In the tests, you complained of vibrations on the rear that also negatively affected tire wear.
Ducati is working on it,” Jorge said reassuringly. “I spoke with Dall’Igna today, and the team is working hard to solve that problem. It’s something I have no control over. For my part, I can only strive to be competitive with my riding style. I think there was something wrong with the bike’s set-up. There was also a fall, and we’ll have to review the entire set-up. All the components of the bike will change, but I’m still calm for the first race weekend, even if there are still some things to work on before the race.

Is the GP24 a step up from the previous one?
The feeling is definitely better than on the GP23. During the first tests in Malaysia. Getting a clear notion is never easy, and I had doubts, despite the fact that I did some competitive times. But it was in Qatar that I clarified all my doubts. The GP24 is faster, and I can say with absolute certainty that the new bike is better. However, it’s obvious that more than a revolution, it’s an evolution, because the GP23 already performed very well, and it wouldn’t make sense revolutionizing something that works. Without a doubt, the new bike performs better in some respects.”

What did you work on over the winter?
I worked a lot on both the mental and physical aspects. You never finish improving. I think I’ve progressed in both, especially from a mental viewpoint, which I had never worked on in the past. Now all that remains is to prove it on the track.”

What have you learned since 2023?
When it comes to speed, we’re competitive, but it’ll be important to try to get good results starting from the first races, something that was missing last year and that forced me to chase in the second half of the season. I’ll also have to work on managing the race on Sunday, trying to prepare the bike more for the long race than just for speed. I admit that, in the last part of last season, I suffered from the pressure. I was obsessed with winning the championship, and it’s something I’ll have to work on again this year.

What do you think of Aldueguer in Pramac next year?
I think Fermin is ready, At the end of the last season, he had already proven to be competitive and, this year, a long challenge awaits him to fight for the championship in the Moto2. I believe he’s the strongest rider in the Moto2 right now. Surely, this news will give him a lot of confidence at the beginning of the season.”

And the future?
It’s clear that it’s something I have no control over, and that I don’t intend to get into this. I’m only going to think about doing my best on the track. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Anyway, it’s still too early to talk about. I think we’ll know more after the first races. I know Bagnaia should be confirmed, and I think he deserves it. As for me, I’ve seen what I’m capable of and, at the moment, my goal is to start the season well and aspire to the official bike of the Ducati team. If that’s not possible to obtain, then we’ll see what we'll have to do. I’m calm. This type of pressure is actually something we face every year. Having to decide where to go or not to go is something that has a significant impact on us riders. As for the difficulties we had in Qatar, we should be able to resolve them in a short time, but we’ll only know this when we get there.”

Rumor has it Liberty Media wants the MotoGP. What do you think?
I think Dorna is doing a great job. However, if we look at the F1, there’s no denying their growth over the last six to seven years, so I think it would be a big step forward. An injection of new ideas can only be a positive thing for our sport.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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