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SBK, Burgatti: “Iannone understood his potential with Ducati more than anyone”

The crew chief: “Andrea is very exuberant. He needs to be interpreted in some things. He often stresses us out, but he does it because he’s aware of how much he can give.”

SBK: Burgatti: “Iannone understood his potential with Ducati more than anyone”

Filippo Burgatti is Andrea Iannone’s reference point in the Go Eleven garage. After three years spent with Aruba, the team led by Gianni Ramello decided to start over again with the crew chief from Lombardia, entrusting him with The Maniac.

Andrea surprised everyone in Australia, finishing on the podium in his debut, and almost again on Sunday afternoon. At the end of the Phillip Island stage, we took the opportunity to exchange a few words with his crew chief, who explained to us how much the rider from Vasto has grown.

I think the outcome of the weekend is positive,” he told us. “Uunfortunately, the weekend was a bit complicated due to the conditions we found on the track, especially on Friday and Saturday mornings. But the performance was particularly good on Saturday morning in qualifying and in race one. As a result, the outcome is certainly positive, like I already said.”

How much has Andrea grown since October?
Andrea has grown a lot in terms of communication. He conveyed his needs to us and, consequently, we tried to start molding the bike on him in the best way possible. There were no particular revolutions, apart from Portimão, where Andrea didn’t know the track. Here, however, the work has been fluid. It’s only a matter of better understanding what his needs are, that is, what Zambenedetti has defined as the ‘vocabulary’.”

Seen from the outside, when he is in the garage, he seems to have fire inside him.    
He’s very exuberant. On some things, he has to be interpreted. We have to, therefore, take a direction, and then reduce the field of action, trying to focus on the most important things and have a basic set-up to take to other tracks.”

In what has he grown the most?
I’d say qualifying, which was his weak point during the winter. Initially, it seemed like the bike wasn’t perfect, and it was. But then Andrea set a really good time, surprising me. His peculiarity requires a lot. In fact, we talk a lot. But then, more than all the others, he understands the potential that the package has. Andrea has a fairly clear idea. He stresses us perhaps a bit,” he smiled. “He’s aware of how much he can give.”

What do you expect to do in Barcelona?
We’ll find a different base compared to Australia. We’ll be closer to Jerez. In fact, we’ll do some tests and comparison, but that’s a different track, where there isn’t much grip.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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