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SBK, Barbier: “Flag to flag? We couldn’t use road tires”

“We reached temperatures above 50 degrees with the asphalt and 160 degrees on the tread during the tests. We didn’t expect that. It’s true that the temperatures should be dropping over the weekend, but we can’t rely on theory and good thoughts.”

SBK: Barbier: “Flag to flag? We couldn’t use road tires”

Following the decision to do a flag to flag in both Race 1 and Race 2, we intercepted Giorgio Barbier in the Phillip Island paddock, as he explained why they came to this decision.

As you well know, we came to this decision after careful consideration,” the Pirelli Manager stated. “During the tests, what surprised us were the very high temperatures reached. As much as fifty degrees on the asphalt. Honestly, we expected high temperatures, but not that high. All this involves significant tire wear, and we can’t take risks, because safety is the priority.”

But a drop in temperatures is expected over the weekend: “That’s true, but those are good thoughts on a theoretical level. Obviously, they should first try to figure out what to do, and then come to a decision. I don’t like deciding only on hypotheses.”

In all this, someone complained because Pirelli didn’t bring a wide range of solutions. “The best solution supported is this one.” Giorgio concluded: “If it weren’t so, we’d have to bring road tires, but then the riders tell us there’s no grip.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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