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MotoGP, Pedro Acosta: “I’m happy after the tests, but I can’t be too happy.”

“I still have a long road ahead of me. When the other riders use the soft tires, they’re faster by half a second. I have to accept that to improve.”

MotoGP: Pedro Acosta: “I’m happy after the tests, but I can’t be too happy.”

The time to learn is over for Pedro Acosta. Or rather, he’ll have to continue learning, but in the GP melees. The GasGas rookie had 8 test days in 2024 to prepare for the first MotoGP race, and he put on a good show. He even did well in Qatar, where he only missed the flying lap. And his 15th final time isn’t far from that of his teammates: less than 4 tenths from Binder and 2 and a half from Miller.

Pedro, are you ready to start the championship?
I think so,” he said laughing. “I’m happy, because I did my first race simulation, and it went well. It's true that I made some big mistakes in two or three laps, locked the front at turns ten and sixteen, and went wide, but overall I kept a good pace. I was also able to work with the fuel consumption to understand how to manage it, and it was positive.” 

And what about the flying lap?
I made the time attack too late, but I lowered my time by half a second, anyway. I could’ve maybe done better. We’re not that far apart right now.”

At what point do you think you are?
I would’ve preferred to be up in the front more, but those aren’t things you can choose. I’m still happy, because we improved the times, the pace, and the way we work in the garage. We may be better or worse off, but we’re where we are. Eight days of tests aren’t enough to get to the level of these riders. Halfway through the last day, I was fifth. Then, when they started pushing … boom! They know what to do. I’ve learned a lot, but there’s still a long road ahead for me to figure out how to handle it all. I have to be happy, but not too happy.”

How do you feel physically?
I did seventy-two laps, and it was the first day I started to feel tired. I tested many things. I did the race simulation, two time attacks, but I felt good physically. I’d say I’m at a good starting point.”

What do you expect from the first Grand Prix?
I don’t really know. It’ll all depend on Friday’s practice and qualifying. If I start eight, I could dream of anything,” he laughed. “But I still have to progress in the tests because, when the others mount the soft tires, they’re half a second faster than me. It’s something I know, and I have to accept in order to improve.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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