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SBK, Record-breaking Toprak: "This time I have a better chance against Bautista"

"At first I was worried, but we can aim for the podium, perhaps the victory. We need to pay attention to the tyres, I would prefer a flag to flag race rather than having to play safe"

SBK: Record-breaking Toprak:

Toprak Razgatlioglu immediately started the tests in Australia on the right foot, the Turkish rider setting a track record of 1'28"511 at the Phillip Island circuit. A clear warning to the competition ahead of the start of the season.

"I'm happy, given that last year I didn't go very well here. I was a bit worried as it wasn't an ideal track for my style, but I immediately went strong and this gave me a lot of motivation", he declared immediately after testing. The sensations are also good regarding the new asphalt. "Now there is much more grip and this has allowed me to be competitive both in fast laps and over distances. Especially when I mounted the SC1 on the rear. We tried various new things and we managed to immediately identify the right set-up, although there's something missing. Besides, there aren't many violent brakings here. Just a couple of corners."

Looking forward to the opening races, the 27-year-old identified an issue that could have a certain impact. "With these tyres after 13 laps we are already finished. Let's hope we opt for the flag to flag, perhaps doing around twenty laps. In my opinion we will have to keep a pace of 1'31, because even if we do just 1'30 we risk not finishing the race basically. I remember three championships ago. The race only became alight at the end. Going slowly is boring", was his opinion.

However, overall Toprak was satisfied. "It's definitely a good start. However, the difficulties in Turn 3 remain, as I can't get the bike to turn. It was the same with the Yamaha, but with the BMW it's easier and I managed to adapt quickly. This bike also has greater power".

Finally, the 2021 SBK champion made a prediction for the race. "This time I have a better chance against Bautista, even if here I’m struggling in turns 2, 8 and the last one. Personally I prefer stop&go direction changes, but with the M 1000 RR it's better. My approach continues to be aggressive , but I'm progressing by adapting to the needs of the circuit and trying to carry more speed into the corners. Even though we're not 100% yet, we're above and beyond expectations and I believe we can fight for the podium and even success."


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