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MotoGP, Rivola: "Raul Fernandez will also have an official Aprilia half-way through the season"

At Noale they are working to prepare a 2024 RS-GP for the Spaniard. "Maybe it will be better to wait for the summer break, when we will introduce an aerodynamic evolution"

MotoGP: Rivola:

Trackhouse is not just a satellite team for Aprilia, but a sort of second official team, following the example of Ducati with Pramac, or KTM with Tech3. Which means a structure in which new riders can grow and with updated bikes. The operation only came about at the end of last year and time has not yet allowed everything to be carried out as planned, but the idea is that the American team will have two official RS-GPs, like the first team.

Miguel Oliveira has already obtained it and in Sepang he was in fact on track with the 2024 bike, while for Raul Fernandez there was the 2023. Things, however, are destined to change already during the year, because the Spaniard will also soon have an official RS-GP.

When? Aprilia Racing CEO Massimo Rivola responded: "We don't know yet, maybe halfway through the season - he explained - We'll have to sit down with him and talk about it because we can only homologate two different aerodynamic configurations during the year. Normally during the summer break we do the second update, so we have to understand whether it is better to wait for that moment or not.”

One thing is certain, Raul will not finish the year on the bike he started it on.

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