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Rivola: "MotoGP must reach the level of F1, but Moto2 and Moto3 won't like it"

"A paddock of garagistes doesn't work and we need more manufacturers. From 2027 the bikes will be slower and the rider will become more important again. The arrival of Davide Brivio is good news for Trackhouse and for Aprilia"

MotoGP: Rivola:

MotoGP started its 2024 season with the Sepang tests, but the world championship is also looking further ahead. To 2027 and beyond, when the technical regulations will change, and it is not the only topic being talked about in the control room. Massimo Rivola, CEO of Aprilia Racing, knows very well that MotoGP must aim higher and his experience in Formula 1 is invaluable at this time.

Some manufacturers - with KTM in the lead - are in favour of a reduction in the number of Grands Prix.

“If you ask our families, they will tell you to reduce them - Rivola jokes, but not too much - We haven't talked about it recently with Dorna, but personally, with the addition of the Sprints, I finished last season destroyed because Fridays are as if it was already qualifying, it was tough. Twenty-one or 22 Grands Prix is a lot, we need to sit down with Carmelo Ezpeleta and understand what to do. Maybe we will have to have fewer races in Italy and Spain, in Europe and in general, and go where the money is. We need important sponsors and to attract them it is right to race in Indonesia, in India, in interesting markets".

Lack of investors is a key issue.

“I believe that the current problem is to generate more interest in a sport that for me is sensational – was the Aprilia manager's opinion - We must transform races into events and Formula 1 has a lot to teach us. We manufacturers are also part of this business and we need to talk to Dorna to have a non-short-term vision. The changes made, such as the introduction of Sprint races, were made with this in mind."

But it isn’t enough.

“Formula 1 has created a real event by investing a lot, even in the characters, for example in actors as guests. It raised the quality and went poaching in a different world, this is the first point - continues the Aprilia boss - We must not look for the motorbike fan, but the one - for example - of tennis, to help him find out how great MotoGP is. If we continue to be garagistes, it won't work. Drastic measures will probably be needed, which will probably not please Moto2 and Moto3, to raise MotoGP to a level similar to that of Formula 1. An attempt was made to divide the paddocks, but it was rejected. We need to build something so that MotoGP becomes unattainable, like F1, and we need to follow the same path."

The future also depends on different technical regulations.

“We're still talking about it in the MSMA and it looks like the bikes will get slower. Now they are quite fast, so it's not such a bad thing to reduce performance - says Massimo - There will be less aerodynamics, fewer lowering devices, smaller displacement: greater importance will be given to the rider, more than to the bike. Does Aprilia agree? If it's for the good of our championship and the show, yes. In the end you can stay in MotoGP if you generate business, if the races risk becoming less spectacular due to aerodynamics and the various systems, it's fine to reduce them."

Also to attract new constructors.

"I hope so. I saw that BMW was fast in the SBK tests with Toprak. It would be nice to have them, we need more manufacturers than satellite teams, we need to grow. I don't know if Kawasaki or Suzuki will want to return, but it would be good to have more manufacturers" hopes the CEO.

Meanwhile, at Noale they are already hard at work to ensure internal stability with the arrival of the Trackhouse team and that of Davide Brivio in the role of team principal. It is clear that Rivola played a role in this latest operation.

“They don't know this environment and they asked me for my opinion - he doesn’t want to reveal too much - I welcome Davide, he is a friend of mine. I'm sure that he will bring benefits to our project, he has much more experience than me: it's good news for Trackhouse, but it's also good news for Aprilia. We work closely with the team, ours is a shared project, and it's good to have Davide on board."

After beinggetting its fingers burnt with CryptoData, Aprilia hopes that the relationship with the new American partner will be solid.

“Aside from the fact of entering a new market like the American one, I really liked the fact that they come from racing, they know that a season in which you struggle is part of the game. Helping them to understand European culture and that of MotoGP will be part of our work and that of Davide. The fact of entering a new market for them, with enormous potential, makes me think that the project should last at least 5 years" says Rivola.



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