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MotoGP, Honda reduces the size of sponsor Repsol already in the Sepang tests

The 2024 livery will be revealed next week in Madrid, but in the tests in Malaysia the name of the oil company has already been relegated to the lower part of the fairing

MotoGP: Honda reduces the size of sponsor Repsol already in the Sepang tests

This time you don't have to look at the image above in search of some aerodynamic wizardry, but rather to simply notice the writing on the fairing. Honda will present its official team on 13 February in Madrid and here at Sepang its bikes have a carbon black livery, with simple white stickers for the sponsors (or rather, the sponsor).

With Red Bull gone, only Repsol has remained on the fairing and in a very different position and size than those we were used to. We had already written about a significant reduction in the presence of the company on the fairing of the RC213V and this preview of the tests only confirms the rumours that have been circulating for a few weeks.

Just look at the image below, taken during the Sepang tests last year, to see how Honda... took Repsol's place. The main sponsor is in fact relegated to the bottom of the fairing and the name of the manufacturer stands out in large letters. All this makes it very likely that there will be much less orange on the 2024 RC213V, replaced by HRC's traditional white, red and blue.

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