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MotoGP, Ducati, KTM and Yamaha: more aerodynamic innovations to come

The Shakedown reserved many surprises regarding the shapes of the MotoGP bikes: (another) new fairing on the Desmosedici, the M1 has a tail that allows it to be lowered more and the RC16 also has a different profile

MotoGP: Ducati, KTM and Yamaha: more aerodynamic innovations to come

Fans of aerodynamics got their money's worth during the Sepang Shakedowns. In fact, all the manufacturers did not wait for the arrival of their main riders to try out their latest innovations and there was plenty of choice between wings, fins and spoilers. In the past few days we have shown you some of the latest developments, but there is still something more to talk about - and see - while we wait for the official tests which will start on Tuesday.

Ducati and the 'double fairing'

On the first day of the Shakedown, test rider Michele Pirro took to the track with an evolution of the 'stepped' fairing. On the last day, however, there was an even more important and evident change to the aerodynamic package: you can see it in the opening photo and more clearly in the one above (taken from the web, we were unable to trace the author ).

In this second version not only the lower part of the fairing has changed, but also the upper one. You can clearly see how above the step there is another protruding element with air vents in the front part.

Yamaha: a different tail to lower better

Yamaha took advantage of the Sepang Shakedowns to decide on the new fairing with which it will start the season (then, thanks to the concessions, it will be entitled to two updates during the year). It's all about the aerodynamics with the two large wings on the fairing, Aprilia style. This solution was already seen in Valencia and is a product of the new department based in Italy.

However, it is not the only innovation on the M1, because a new tail made its debut in Malaysia, very different in shape from what we were used to. In this case it is an element that allows the rear of the bike to lower more when the rider activates the shapeshifter. You can see it below mounted on Quartararo's Yamaha.

KTM and the partition above the step

We conclude with KTM, which brought several experiments to the track in this shakedown. The last one we noticed concerns the fairing, in particular the 'step' area. In that area, in fact, a profile appeared that connects to the side spoiler.


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