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MotoGP, KTM all ears: new fairing in the Sepang Shakedowns

In Malaysia the aerodynamic experiments continue. On Dani Pedrosa's RC16, a solution already seen on the Ducati, but slightly different in its implementation

MotoGP: KTM all ears: new fairing in the Sepang Shakedowns

It is now clear that aerodynamics still has a lot to say in MotoGP and the engineers of the various manufacturers are carrying out various experiments during the three days of Shakedown in Sepang. Including KTM, which we saw yesterday with a brand-new wing on the front mudguard of its MotoGP bike.

However, it is not the only innovation coming from Austria, because Dani Pedrosa also brought to the track a fairing with a detail that had never been seen before on the RC16. These are the lower diffusers, already used by Ducati for some time. While the idea might be familiar, its implementation is different because on the Desmosedici there are two separate 'ears', one on each side, while on the KTM they are joined in the lower part by a spoiler, as can be clearly seen from the photo above.

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