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MotoGP, Steps, ears and slits: aerodynamic experiments on Pirro's Ducati

Gigi Dall'Igna had promised visible innovations and he kept his word: in the Sepang Shakedown for the GP24 a new fairing that combines elements of the 2023 ones, but not only that

MotoGP: Steps, ears and slits: aerodynamic experiments on Pirro's Ducati

Aerodynamic development still dictates the law in MotoGP and already on the first day of the Shakedown in Malaysia we have seen some interesting innovations from this point of view. While Aprilia and Honda have concentrated on the shapes of the tail, Ducati instead has revised the lower part of the GP24 fairing. Moreover, during the presentation of the team in Madonna di Campiglio, Gigi Dall'Igna had promised 'visible' innovations and he kept his word.

What was seen at Sepang on Michele Pirro's Demosedici is an evolution of the 'stepped' fairing which the riders didn't like very much last year (those from the official team discarded it and Martin also abandoned it during the course of the season).

It can be said that the men from Borgo Panigale have tried to combine the two fairings seen in 2023, but by making some changes. On the test bike there was a step, but in its front part there was also an air intake, which was missing on last year's fairing.

Furthermore, unlike the 2023 version, the 'ears' were also mounted on this fairing, i.e. the lower diffusers which in 2023 only appeared on the stepless fairing.

The duct tape used to seal the various parts indicates that this aerodynamic evolution is only a prototype and there will probably be other surprises in the tests preceding the first race of the year in Qatar.

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