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MotoGP, Oliveira: "My goals? In the meantime I hope to stay intact for the whole season!"

Miguel: "I'm excited, a great challenge awaits us. We'll all be more used to the Sprints, but in my opinion we should have fewer." Raul: "The first time I race two seasons on the same bike, it will be interesting"

MotoGP: Oliveira:

Interview by Tiziano Niero

Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez finally unveiled this morning in Los Angeles the colours of the Trackhouse-branded RS-GPs that they will take to the track in 2024. Both took a big risk with the exclusion of RNF from the world championship, but Justin Marks resolved the situation by deciding to bet on Aprilia for a very ambitious project. In particular, Miguel also risked leaving Noale in the direction of Honda, but in the end the agreement was not reached and instead a promotion arrived, given that the Portuguese will have a 2024 Factory-spec RS-GP at his disposal, therefore equivalent to the one of Vinales and Espargarò.

"The first thing I hope is to be physically fit for the whole season – were Oliveira's first words as a Trackhouse rider - In terms of results, my goal is to be able to stay with the top riders as soon as possible".

You will also get the 2024 RS-GP.

"We have some work to do ahead of us and I'm honestly very excited to get started."

After the first year, what do you think of the new format? Do you like the Sprint Races?

"I would say that the Sprint Race and the Grand Prix lead you to face different challenges. I think that all of us riders will now be more used to the new format, especially from the point of view of pressure. But my idea would be to have fewer Sprint Races. It is a unique type of race and facing it every weekend represents a big challenge for each of us and for the teams."

Do you think they might decrease in the future?

"It's a question of seeing what direction it will take in the future. We are in the second season like the Sprints, every weekend we will have to understand what we will be able to do."

There are also great expectations for the second season in Aprilia of Raul Fernandez, who impressed in the Valencia tests by showing a clear step forward and becoming a candidate for the role of outsider among the four riders astride the Noale bikes.

"I feel lucky to be here - said Raul - I'm in an American team and I've always had a lot of respect for them. It will be my second season with Aprilia, honestly it's the first time I'll race two seasons in a row with the same bike and the same team."

What do you think you can do in 2024?

"I hope within myself that I can achieve good results, but I don't want to think about it too much. My first goal for this season will be to have fun on the bike, to find the sensations that I felt for the first time in Valencia. Once I have done this and worked well, I will feel comfortable and the results will come."

You finished the season very well, will it also impact the start of 2024?

"Everything was different for me at Valencia. When you're in a difficult sport like MotoGP, it takes very little to lose your way and confidence. If that happens, it's really difficult to find it again during the season. I feel good now, I'm sure that knowing the bike and the team better will help me a lot. I feel happy now, it seems like a great thing to be here with this team."


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