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SBK, Bassani: “Kawasaki is completely different from Ducati, I have to change style”

The Kawasaki rider admits that he still has difficulties: “Problems in corners and braking, so much work to do". The target for the inaugural GP in Australia is clear: “I’m not going there to win. I’ll try at the end of the year.”

SBK: Bassani: “Kawasaki is completely different from Ducati, I have to change style”

Axel Bassani finished in 15th position in the two-day tests at the Jerez de la Frontera circuit. He completed 88 laps with a time of 1’39”413.

I’m tired because I did a lot of laps and tested a lot of things,” he said at the end of the session. “We also did a long run and, for the first time, I tried a tire, so it’s all a bit new, but we figured out a lot, especially the direction to take. I’m trying to adapt to the bik and change my style, but it’s not easy or immediate. You have to try and make mistakes, but I think we’re on the right track.

Standing out won’t be easy. “The problem is that everyone here goes fast, so you always seems to suck. Bulega, for example, went under the record by half a second. So, everything becomes difficult, since the level is high and the commitment required is greater,” he said, before moving on to the critical issues encountered: “I still struggle to enter well with the bike and do corners, but I’m slowly getting closer to Lowes. If we talk about braking, instead, I had to totally change my riding style, which isn’t easy because, when you’re used to a certain way, doing the opposite takes time.”d champions, but in the end they are always the same".

Comparing his old Ducati and the current Kawasaki, Bassani said: “The Borgo Panigale bike has a perfect base and works well. A lot of work is being done with us, and I think we’ll be able to get there in the end. The goals? I’m not going to Australia to win. I have to grow, little by little, to then get into the game at the end of the championship. We need to stay calm and not overdo it because that’s useless.”

Finally, a thought about these two days: “In winter, there are always many world champions, But, in the end, they're always the same.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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