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MotoGP, Marquez: "In the Ducati Gresini team I feel like a child with new shoes"

"I will have to start from the bottom and to rebuild my future. Expectations are high but I only think about working. The toughest opponent will be me." And he jokes: "I've already beaten Alex at padel, so he is getting used to losing"

MotoGP: Marquez:

A cascade of virtual rain accompanies Marc Marquez's entrance onto the stage of the presentation of the Gresini team at the Cocoricò in Riccione. A shower to chase away the past (11 years of Honda) and present himself pure to start the new adventure. The future is still to be written, but the Spanish champion is convinced that he has chosen the right pen to do it. “I'm very happy to be here, even if the feeling is a bit strange after spending so many years in the same team, but the challenge is very nice” he smiles.

He knows what he's looking for: "I want to have fun again, that's the goal of this challenge - he continues - In my career I've done a lot, I've won a lot, but the last 4 years have been very difficult and I was looking for something different. The Gresini team was the only one who waited for me, they gave me my time, and when I was ready I chose. It's a risky challenge for me, but a nice one for the Gresini family, a team with a great history."

How difficult was it to decide?

“It was a very difficult decision, which is why it took a long time but, on the other hand, my ambition is still the same. If I'm here it's because I feel I have the level to fight for the top 5 places in MotoGP, I can't say for the championship, so I decided to take this direction. The easier thing would have been to stay in Honda, I would have had less pressure and more money, but that wasn't the goal. Maybe in the future Honda and I will cross paths again, but it won't just be my decision. I'll have to be fast, so then I can choose my future."

HRC has changed its project leader, had you known would you have made the same decision?

“My biggest doubt is that I didn't know when this change would come and it was risky at this point in my career. I am convinced that Honda will return to being competitive, the biggest change was changing the project leader."

What is your first impression as a rider of the Gresini team?

“It's something completely different to what I'm used to. In the past few days I have been to Ducati, at the Gresini headquarters, we had dinner together and played padel. I'm not good, but my brother lost, so he is getting used to it (laughs). I like being a family with the team, they are wonderful people, but we will start slowly, if you eat too quickly then you won't digest it."

How much did you like the Desmosedici at Valencia?

“I only did one day of testing, 50 laps, I felt pretty good but I'm curious and have the right determination to get to Malaysia and understand more things. I'm like a child with new shoes who wants to learn."

Can you explain better?

“On the Ducati I felt at ease from the first outing and my fast time was a result of that. But I'm curious to try the bike on tracks where I struggle more, like Sepang and Losail. It was a good way to start, considering I was also calm because I only had one bike. With the Ducati you have to look for a time in a very different way. Honda also had strengths, but I couldn't use them as I would have liked. The Desmosedici is very smooth when exiting corners, I have to learn how to use the greater grip and power. I still don't know what my riding style will be, in Valencia I used a setup I wasn't familiar with and I didn't touch anything just thinking about adapting. I wasn't aggressive, I didn't feel it was the time to look for the limit."

Who will your main rival be?

“The toughest opponent will be me, because I will have to manage myself. Expectations are high, but I know I have a lot of work to do. When someone arrived in Honda they targeted me, I arrived in Ducati and targeted Bagnaia and Martin, they are the ones who make the difference and I will have to learn from them. I haven't won a race in 2 years, you shouldn't aim high, but low and then go up. Expectations are one thing and the approach is another. I will try to be fast on the track, but then there is the reality."

It's hard to believe you…

“People have high expectations, but I have to forget them and work. I will have to be calm, especially at the beginning, I can't expect to fight for victory straight away. The last few years have been a nightmare for me, I couldn't win, and then I arrive on bikes with which Martin and Bagnaia have won a lot in recent years. I can't expect to be at their level immediately."

Nadia Padovani expects great things from you.

“What Nadia said is normal, if you sign a rider it's because you think he can do well and they took a risk for that reason. I want to do well too, but calmly."

Will we no longer see the 'usual' Marquez?

“If I have to take risks to find the limit I will do it, I did it even when there was nothing at stake. Ultimately the bike has a limit and if you want to go better than the others you have to risk more. The first crash will come and I prefer both in testing and in the race."

How do you feel about being in a team with your brother again?

“I hope for a different year than the one we had together in Honda and that we will have fun. On the track, however, he will work on his side of the garage and I will work on mine. The important thing for him will be not to have too many expectations because I'm there too. I wish Alex all the best. I always tell him to believe in himself, he is a 2-time world champion and he can do better, but without having pressure."

You have found your brother and lost your historic team...

“After 11 years on a team and 14 with those people, now it's strange. When I made my decision I was convinced of what I was doing and, obviously, coming to this team with my brother made things easier, but I knew it would be like this. With the new team I felt at ease already in Valencia and even in the last few days that I spent with them, it won't be a big problem. Creating the same atmosphere in a year will be impossible, but we will have to establish a professional climate. You can't compare with the past, I'm here to get the best possible results and that's what we will do, then with time our relationship will improve, we will understand each other more easily, it's a natural process. I only worked for one day with Carchedi, but yesterday we spent a nice day together to understand our working methods. He is different from Santi, but both are great technicians who have won a lot. Everyone has their own style, but the most important thing is the results, not how you get them."

How do you feel now?

“I finally had a normal winter, it was important because it hadn't happened to me since 2018. I will try to avoid injuries, which have been my nightmare in recent years, and to work in a better way to create my future again. Mentally I give myself a 10, I'm relaxed, happy and have a lot of determination and desire, physically you always want more, but compared to the last 4 years I feel quite better."

Who will win first on the Ducati, you or Alex?

“The first race will be in Qatar, so Alex will have more of a chance. I only won there twice in my career and I can't think of doing it now. You don't have to rush, you have to be realistic."


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