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MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "If we share the data, we will end up being obsessed"

"Last year I always took only two riders as examples: Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin. The GP23 is not very different from the previous one. Only the engine and aerodynamics are better. Having someone like Marc alongside me will certainly bring benefits."

MotoGP: Alex Marquez:

As in 2023,  Ducati will again field eight riders in MotoGP and the data sharing policy will once again be adopted. All the teams of the Borgo Panigale manufacturer will be able to take advantage of each other's information, so as to be able to develop the bike in the most precise way possible and further distance themselves from the competition which, among other things, has the handicap of a significantly lower number of bikes. Alex Marquez recently expressed his opinion precisely on this topic, highlighting the good and bad aspects.

“It's an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time – the Spaniard told AS – It can be useful for having benchmarks, but at the same time it creates confusion. We risk being obsessed with comparisons with the others. As far as I'm concerned, last year I always took Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin as examples. They have two different riding styles and you need to understand them."

Like his brother Marc, who has just joined Gresini Racing, he will have at his disposal a Desmosedici that has not been updated with the latest specifications. These are his feelings after the post-season test in Valencia. “I noticed that the engine is different, it has a bit more power, and the aerodynamics have also been revised so the motorcycle is now more nimble, especially in windy conditions like the ones we encountered. But the step forward is not that big. During the championship we could see that the 2022s were also capable of winning races, so the hope is that the gap with the 2024s is not so wide, so as to allow us to fight."

Strengthened by this wish, the 27-year-old was not afraid to admit that he had some important goals. “Winning GPs? Why not? – was the rhetorical question – Last year there were good moments and some less so, but we always pushed hard. If we continue to work and be consistent we can do it. In Malaysia, the success almost escaped me because Bastianini was very fast, now it should be easier."

As mentioned, for the first time since 2020 the #73 will find himself sharing the garage with his older brother. “The situation is different. At the time I was a rookie and Marc was fighting for the title. On this occasion, having someone like him, fast and experienced, alongside will certainly bring benefits. Unity is strength and I remember that when in Moto 2 and Moto 3 I had a fast teammate next to me, I was able to express myself at my best. Sharing data without excesses can help. I'm looking forward to the pre-season in Malaysia. I finished the World Championship on a positive note and we have to continue like this, even if for now I have no expectations. I prefer to keep a low profile and be more consistent."


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