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MotoGP, Valentino Rossi takes up marketing and opens the VR46 Agency

The new company was born a few months ago and also deals with sponsors and consultancy. The first agreement was with Pertamina for the VR46 team

MotoGP: Valentino Rossi takes up marketing and opens the VR46 Agency

The galaxy of Valentino Rossi companies has expanded with a new company founded in recent months. Its name is VR46 Agency and it deals with the search for sponsors and commercial partners, but also with marketing consultancy in sport and market analysis. The CEO of the new company is Gianluca Falcioni, a manager who has been handling the Academy riders for some time, especially Bagnaia.

The VR46 Agency has already been responsible for an important agreement, namely the arrival of Pertamina as main sponsor of the Doctor's team (which will be officially presented next Wednesday in Riccione). On that occasion, Falcioni underlined how collaboration was fundamental to enter into new markets: “Indonesia and South-East Asia in general represent a huge pool of fans and enthusiasts for VR46”.

Racing and business intersect again in Valentino's career, especially now that he has put himself on the other side of the fence. After all, VR46 Racing Apparel has been dealing with merchandising for years, in 2002 its revenues increased to 13.4 million from 11 in the following year, with a profit of 508 thousand euros and a loss of 770 thousand which however had been covered.

Now Rossi is also aiming at marketing and sponsorships, for now for his team, but it is not certain that in the future he will also be able to look externally.

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