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MotoGP, Repsol and Honda: Honey, I Shrunk the Sponsor

The oil giant has renegotiated the agreement after Marc Marquez's exit and HRC wants to leave it with less space on the fairings in favour of its corporate colours

MotoGP: Repsol and Honda: Honey, I Shrunk the Sponsor

Repsol is celebrating 30 years of sponsorship of the official Honda team this season and yesterday it was made official that the presentation of the team will be held on 13 February in Madrid, in the Spanish oil company's headquarters. However, not everything is rosy and, according to what Motorsport has learned, the presence of the Repsol brand on the fairings of the RC213Vs this season will be reduced.

The company had in fact renewed the contract with HRC in 2023, with an option for the following year. Marc Marquez's farewell led to a renegotiation of the agreement, naturally downwards, and the Japanese considered that the financial commitment of the sponsor is now no longer so important as to cover the entire bike with its colours.

Naturally, Repsol has a completely different opinion and a tug-of-war is underway over the final graphics of the 2024 bike. For its part, Honda would like its corporate colours (red, white and blue) to be more prominent, such as what happens in the other championships in which it participates (SBK, motocross and Dakar).

With this situation, the oil company's thirtieth season as Honda's sponsor in the Motorcycling World Championship will certainly not be as the company would have expected: even less at a time when the championship is introducing the use of 40% of non-fossil fuels, to which Repsol is firmly committed, as it is one of the suppliers of the championship, which will use 100% synthetic fuel from 2027. A transition of which Repsol hopes to be part and be a protagonist, we will see if hand in hand with Honda.

We will have to wait to find out how much... Repsol will be on the fairings of the Honda, which has already lost the Red Bull logo with Marc's exit.


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