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MotoGP, Dall 'Igna: “Honda and Yamaha can take risks, Ducati must be conservative”

“We accepted the concessions because losing HRC would be a problem for everyone. Is the the bike or rider more important? I don’t ask myself that. What matters is that a Ducati wins.”

MotoGP: Dall 'Igna: “Honda and Yamaha can take risks, Ducati must be conservative”

Gigi Dall’Igna was able to enjoy the winter break after a fantastic season in both the MotoGP and SBK. But the engineer from Venice is already at work to repeat his recent success in 2024. This might be simple on paper but, in reality, he knows he has to struggle. Although the Desmosedici is the best bike of the lot, Marc Marquez’s arrival will strengthen a team that was already able to win the first 3 places in the championship with Bagnaia, Martin, and Bezzecchi last year.

Dall’Igna spoke about this in an interview with Motorsport:My goal is to win, and I have to make sure that Ducati does so for as long as possible. This is the ultimate goal of my job,” his said. “I’m not egocentric in this sense. I don’t just see Ducati winning, but the rider and team winning together. We’re a team. I never wondered if the rider or the bike was more important. The only thing that matters is that, at the end of the season, the rider who wins the most coveted prize rides a Ducati.”

The General Manager has also returned to the team of team orders, which has been the leitmotif for a couple of seasons now.

This is a sport. That means we have to behave in a sporting way, and we can’t play dirty. This is the basis of my philosophy,” he explained. “Playing dirty would be to limit the performance of a bike to prevent a rider from winning. Jorge Martin had all the cards to fight for the title until the end, without other tactics. That’s is playing fair, interpreting the sport correctly.” 

Gigi then talked about the concessions. He likes the new system half-heartedly, not because it favors Honda and Yamaha, but because it also helps Aprilia and KTM.

We accepted the concessions because we thought it was more important to help Yamaha and Honda than to disapprove of the advantages that Aprilia and KTM will have. If Honda decided to leave the MotoGP, it would be a problem for everyone. To help Yamaha and Honda, we had to accept concessions to others. The more competitive the brands will be, the better the world championship will be.”

For Dall’Igna, the Japanese constructors will have an important advantage this year.

The big difference is that they have a chance to make mistakes and correct themselves. For example, they can open and modify the engine. We can’t. Those who have concessions can revert back to the engine if there are any problems. We have to finish the championship with the engine we approved at the beginning of the year. That’s why we have to be much more conservative. It’s not just a matter of testing, but it’s a chance to risk a lot more. In aerodynamics, they have one more update than us. If we make a mistake, we have a problem,” he concluded.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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