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MotoGP, Tardozzi isn’t afraid of Marquez: “We’re not afraid of our riders”

“If that were the case, we wouldn’t give the official bikes to Pramac, and we wouldn’t provide the other two teams with competitive bikes. We share data. We have eight chances to win, I have two as Lenovo Team Manager.”

MotoGP: Tardozzi isn’t afraid of Marquez: “We’re not afraid of our riders”

2024 will be a very complex year for the company that supplies Dorna with the heart rate monitor Davide Tardozzi uses to measure and report his heart rate in real time. With Marc Marquez’s arrival in Gresini, and the highly anticipated battle between Pecco Bagnaia and Jorge Martìn, it certainly won’t be easy for Davide to remain within “normal” rates. Then add to the equation Franco Morbidelli, who really wants retribution, and Marco Bezzecchi who’s ready to immediately launch himself in the top riders group ... without forgetting Enea Bastianini who, after a year like the one that just ended, will want to prove all that he’s worth. 

In short, there’s going to be lots to look forward to, because the ingredients for a fervent season are all there. Some might object that Marquez doesn’t have the same weapons as the official bikes but, as the last MotoGP seasons have shown us, Ducati provides the highest level of equipment to all the teams, and each of the eight Ducati riders could be considered a candidate for the title. But Tardozzi dispelled any doubt, increasing the concerns of Garmin & Co. 

It’s very clear. We have eight Ducatis that we treat honestly, what they deserve, and what they have is written in the contract,” Tardozzi told our colleagues at “I can see  all the data of all the other riders. But we’ll never stop one of the other teams against the official team. They have the right to do their best. They have the right to have all the information to beat us. Then it’s up to us to have the best riders and the best performance. It depends on the official team. Gigi Dall’Igna is from Ducati and has eight chances to win. I’m team manager of the Ducati Lenovo team. I have two chances to win the race. So, it’s up to this team to beat the others.

In short, it’ll be a very open championship. 
This is Gigi’s mentality. It’s the Ducati mentality. So, it’s something that pushes us to do better and to provide better things, and to provide the riders with the best bikes. Martin didn’t have one less bolt this year than we did. He had exactly what we have, and in the same period. We never brought a new piece without having the chance to give the same piece to Pramac. We’re not afraid of our riders and the competition within the Ducati teams because, otherwise, we wouldn’t provide official bikes to Pramac and winning bikes to the other two satellite teams. We share the data. If we were afraid, we wouldn't share it.”

Every Ducati rider, including Marquez, will get the updates they deserve. 
We give all the updates to the riders who deserve it. If we were afraid, we wouldn’t do it. We have a different approach. This means that we think the competition within Ducati, that is, between Ducati teams, raises the level within Ducati. We’re happy to have this kind of internal competition that allows us to develop data, and our engineers are really happy to have eight chances with eight riders to see what happens with the bike.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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