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MotoGP, Jorge Martin: "the goal is official Ducati, otherwise I will look around"

"There are many factories that are making great strides, we'll see which one will be the best option. It gives me motivation. Being able to compare myself with Marc, one of the best in history, will be cool, a good thing. If I can beat him on the same bike, I will be one of the best riders around."

MotoGP: Jorge Martin:

Jorge Martin came close to winning the MotoGP world title, but the way he approached the last race, the Valencia GP, was all wrong. However, he prefers not to speak of his mistakes, including rear-ending Marquez, and reiterated what he’s said on more than one occasion.

My goal was to finish in the first three or four, so a second place means I reached it,”  he told Europa Press. “But, in 2024, my goal won’t be that, but to win,” he stated, then added: “Throughout the year, the starting grid complained that the tires were defective, so we’ll have to improve this aspect, because there are millions in the projects of each brand. No matter how much you spend, if you have a tire that doesn’t work, the project doesn’t work. They need to improve quality control,”  he said, even if Michelin assured him that, after an inspection, there were no problems with his tire.

One of the unquestionable realities is that “the calendar is a bit complicated, with twenty-two Grands Prix,” Martinator emphasized. “It’s a sport that requires a great deal of physical effort, but also mental. It’s especially difficult when you’re far from home and with many days away. I can’t control them. But if I had to improve anything for the future, it would be this.”

As Martin said on another occasion, he was sure he’ll be able to join the official Ducati team.

My main goal is to go to Ducati,” he confirmed, adding: “But, if it that’s not possible, I’ll have to look for other options. There are many constructors that are making great strides. We’ll see which option will be the best.”

Since the Pramac rider is really aggressive, he isn’t worried about Marquez’s arrival in Ducati.

It motivates me. Being able to compare myself to Marc, one of the best in history, will be cool, a great thing. If I can beat him on the same bike, I’ll be one of the best riders around. I think I can do it. I see him vying for the World Championship. The fight will be similar to this year’s, with the war among the Ducatis. Marc and ‘Pecco’ are sure to win, and let’s see if other constructors will improve, like Honda or Yamaha. But, otherwise, it’ll be the same old story, but with Marc’s encouragement.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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