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MotoGP, Marquez's first words as a Gresini rider: "Honda and Ducati? No comparisons""

"I don't like making them in private, even less in public. They're different, the Ducati is the champion bike and many riders were fast with it. I was nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach"

MotoGP: Marquez's first words as a Gresini rider:

We are in 2024 and Marc Marquez can finally speak as a Ducati rider, given that his contract with Honda HRC also ended at the end of 2023, a contract that, despite allowing the Spaniard to test the Ducati in Valencia, prevented him from making any comments on that first contact with the Italian bike. The Spaniard therefore entrusted these first declarations to DAZN Spain, which convey all the emotion of one of the most anticipated debuts in the history of the world championship.

"I was nervous and I had butterflies in my stomach - revealed Marc - Even though I have won many championships, it was a big change for me. Afterwards I felt calm, relaxed. I spent that first day calm, I felt good and I just wanted to get along well with my new team, with my new crew chief and with the new bike."

A first day that was decidedly positive.

"In the end it's the world champion bike, so you feel it immediately in your hand. On the first day I worked on the position in the saddle, we changed small things because in some ways I didn't feel completely at ease, but the speed was there immediately. I immediately understood how to manage the bike, I still have a lot to learn, perhaps not in terms of speed, but more in terms of consistency and to feel myself more confident".

Marquez also offered a small comparison between his new bike and the Honda.

"I don't like making comparisons between bikes, even less so in public. The Ducati is a different bike, with a different riding style required. But if you get on it you immediately feel good, it's the world champion bike and many riders were fast with it".

There are all the conditions for a 2024 as a frontrunner.

"I managed to adapt better than expected and quicker than I expected, I felt good straight away. I felt a lot of confidence with the bike, the time arrived without even me particularly looking for it. When I put on the new soft tyres at the end of the day I felt I was comfortable. There are still things to understand in terms of riding position and communication with the team. But it's logical after having worked with the same group of people for 11 years, but everyone at Gresini welcomed me very well. The climate is very pleasant, it certainly helps me to be more relaxed"


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