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Dani Pedrosa enjoys riding the KTM MotoGP on snow

VIDEO - As he waits to get back into action for the upcoming winter tests, the Mattighofen test rider had fun on the ski slopes with the RC16

MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa enjoys riding the KTM MotoGP on snow

It’s no mystery that Dani Pedrosa loves the snow. Besides dabbling on the ski slopes, the Little Samurai also had himself some two-wheel fun. Just like in 2017, when he had taken advantage of a heavy snowfall to do some stunts with his Honda CR through the streets of his city.

Six years after that pleasant outing, the KTM rider is enjoying the snow, once again. But, this time, he left his dirt bike in the garage and rode a vehicle that’s a bit less accustomed to skidding. We can get to see him in a video clip posted on Red Bull France’s Instagram profile where Dani is seen jumping and skidding on a ski slope while riding a MotoGP RC16 equipped with special studded tires.

The caption accompanying the clip – which has all the air of being just a small preview of a longer video by Red Bull – states: “How to have fun during the MotoGP off-season? Very simple … with studded tires!Something quite similar to the feat accomplished by Marc Marquez in 2017, when Pedrosa’s teammate at the time had faced the Streif of Kitzbühel with his Honda RC213V in a promotional video for the Austrian sponsor.

So, as we wait to find out what else Red Bull has in store, let's enjoy watching some stunts on the snow performed by the tester from Catalonia.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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