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MotoGP, Pernat's marks: "The surprise is Di Giannantonio, Marquez no more than 6"

PART 1 - The manager's promotions and failures: "Miller really disappointed me, Rins proved to be a master rider, Bastianini cannot be judged"

MotoGP, Pernat's marks: "The surprise is Di Giannantonio, Marquez no more than 6"
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Carlo Pernat-ale: the Genovese manager likes to joke with his surname for the holidays and transform himself into a Santa Claus who, instead of bringing gifts, hands out his marks for the riders at the end of the season. We did it together with him in our Bar Sport (which you can see in full above) and Carletto wasn't always fair, but not unfair either.

Today we have a look at his opinions on the riders in the 'lower part' of the ranking, and then move on to the Top 10 in the next few days.

Pol Espargarò: 6

“You can't give a grade after that terrible accident he had in Portimao. At the end of the season, however, he had some good races considering his physical condition. So I give him a 6, he deserves it for returning to racing after that bad result."

Joan Mir: 5

“After Suzuki's withdrawal he took his first chance with Honda, probably if he went back he wouldn't do it again. I give him a fail grade not for the bad races he had, but because he missed 2 GPs due to a broken little finger: it shows that he didn't believe in it much, or perhaps he was a little 'afraid' of riding that bike."

Augusto Fernandez: 5

“From a rookie I expect some decent races, also considering the bike he had. He seemed very inconsistent to me and not yet ready for MotoGP."

Alex Rins: 6 and a half

“He deserves a pass grade, because he was the only one to win with Honda and not even Marquez managed that: he’s a gold medal. Furthermore, he tackled this season with the malice of a true rider, he got hurt but he gave everything, he raced even when he couldn't. He proved to be a master rider."

Takaaki Nakagami: 5 perennial

“Every year I give him a 5, that's his rating. I consider him the sponsor's man."

Raul Fernandez: 6

“I give him a passing grade for what he did in the last few races, before he would have deserved a 4. I expected more from Raul, Rivola believes in him a lot, but he only got a 6 in a season finale of 8”.

Miguel Oliveira: 6 for esteem

“I'm very undecided whether to give him a pass grade. He had a lot of incidents, but he is a strong rider, so I would give him a 6 for the esteem I have in him”.

Enea Bastianini: N/A

“Despite being biased, I say that he cannot be judged. He missed 9 Grands Prix, virtually half the entire season. His broken shoulder blade was more serious than we said, he wasn't able to train for a long time and he lost physical form and confidence with the bike. If I had to judge him for the last 3 races, I would give him a pass, but that's not possible if I look at the whole year."

Marc Marquez: 6


“I give him an 8 for that cursed desire of a great champion to do everything to tame the Honda, but this is valid for three quarters of the season. Then he realized that it was better to bring home some data and crash less, from then on he was no longer the real Marquez. I give him a pass grade only for that desire to always go beyond the problems."

Franco Morbidelli: 5

“Unfortunately he was scarce. The bike wasn't competitive but, apart from Argentina, all the other Grands Prix were an ordeal. Maybe he didn't even believe in it anymore, unlike Quartararo who tried to give 120%, Franco settled for 80 or 90%, he didn't risk more. I understand him, but I give him a 5”.

Fabio Di Giannantonio: 7


“I give him a 7 for several reasons, because in the most difficult moment, when he knows he's without a seat and there's no longer any place for him, a rider either ruins himself or brings out what he has inside. He showed a lot of stuff at the end of the season, I wouldn't be surprised if next year he was a surprise. In the first part of the season he deserved a 3, he had a somewhat presumptuous attitude, but Di Giannantonio's last races were of a very high level."

Jack Miller: 4

“Precisely because he is my favourite, I have to give him a 4. I understand the birth of his daughter, whatever you want, but after being 'discarded' by Ducati and being taken in with great fanfare by a KTM that believed in him, I would have expected a completely different championship. He looked like Jack's ugly brother, I didn't see him as gascon, cheerful, aggressive as usual. Binder showed that that bike works, Jack really disappointed me."


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