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MotoE, Pramac abandons, the Aruba Superbike world championship team takes its place

Campinoti seems to be on the point of leaving MotoE, whose visibility within the overcrowded MotoGP program is zero, Stefano Cecconi's team might enter in place of Pramac

MotoE: Pramac abandons, the Aruba Superbike world championship team takes its place

The MotoE World Championship is certainly not among the categories most supported by Dorna, indeed it seems that the innovative class has been swallowed up by the Spanish company with the sole intention of hiding it.

Stifled in a MotoGP program that is already largely in excess, MotoE is virtually never even mentioned and those who thought (hoped) that the entry of Ducati would change the situation have been promptly disappointed.

So the first defections are starting to arrive and among these there will probably be the team that won the team title in MotoGP, i.e. Pramac which this year raced with the former Moto2 champion Tito Rabat and with the YouTuber racer Luca Salvadori.

After the first season of the MotoE World Championship with the Ducati V21L, Paolo Campinoti's team therefore abandons the series which has failed to attract enough high-level riders.

In 2023 Pramac Racing had the Italian and the Spaniard bunder contract, but this year on the track they did not go beyond 17th and 14th place in the riders’ standings - Salvadori was then replaced by Oscar Gutierrez after Silverstone due to back problems.

The two-time Superbike world champion team is reported to be about to take the place of the Pramac team, even if there is no official announcement.


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