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SBK, Toprak warns his opponents after Portimão test: “We’re not far off”

“The first test with the BMW was very positive. I didn’t push because of the wet weather, but I still got good times. I feel much better on the bike than I did on Sunday.”

SBK: Toprak warns his opponents after Portimão test: “We’re not far off”


Toprak Razgatlıoğlu’s results were more than positive at the end of two days of testing in Portimão. Despite not having been able to complete more than 30 laps, due to a problem with his bike’s oil on Sunday and the rain that wet the Algarve asphalt overnight, the 27-year-old rider got the chance to become familiar with the BMW M 1000 RR, the bike on which he’ll be facing the next World Superbike season.

In general, I’m happy because the test was very positive. I feel that the bike is much better than on Sunday, when I rode it for the first time, but only for eleven laps. Today we changed something, and the sensation was very good. I had a weird fall at Turn 5. I fell on the left side, but it wasn’t a big accident. After that, I started riding again, to make sure I understood the bike. We had a great lap time with these track conditions. I had fun. I didn’t complete many laps. Nineteen on Monday and eleven on Sunday. We’re learning,” the Turkish rider stated on the official website of the Superbike World Championship. “After four years at Yamaha, this bike is completely different. I’m starting to adapt, and I felt that the front was much better than before, and the engine brake is especially incredible. We need more laps with this bike for the set-up, because we have many parts, but we don’t have time to test them. I hope it’ll be dry in Jerez, to be able to try the other elements.” 

Toprak found many differences between the BMW and the Yamaha YZF-R1, which he rode between 2020 and 2023, winning the title in 2021.

The biggest differences are that the engine brake is incredible, and the bike is very fast on the straight. This is positive, and I’m very happy about it, because it's the first time I feel the power,” he admitted. “I think the wings are helping me exit the last corner, because the bike doesn’t rear up. But, since I’m focused on cornering and acceleration, I can’t quite figure it out. I think I need to do a few more laps. With the Yamaha, I was always trying to bend more because it reared up, but I don't have to struggle with the BMW. I can feel its power when exiting the corner, and even after. The bike accelerates more. I’m also very happy that, when I start to bend in braking at Turn 1, I feel the engine brake a lot. It’s a very positive test. We’re quickly improving, but I need more time.”

After this first experience in Portugal, the Turkish rider will be able to return to his M 1000 RR on Tuesday, December 12th and Wednesday, the 13th, in Jerez, where he hopes he'll reach top speed on his bike.

We set good lap times, but it was impossible to do fast laps today because the track was wet. The first time I rode the bike, I couldn’t figure it out. Today, we used a different set-up, and I’m happier, but the track conditions weren’t good, and I didn’t push. We didn’t use the soft tires. I think I could get a good lap time racing on a track in good conditions, because the sensation with the front has improved a lot when entering corners. The grip works very well, and I have more power. Maybe we need to improve on the straight,”  Razgatlıoğlu concluded, and sent a message to his opponents: “We aren’t far off. That’s all I’m saying. We’re almost there.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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