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MotoGP, CryptoDATA and Dorna: let's leave each other like this, without rancour. And Aprilia is the phoenix

With a 'lovey-dovey, great job' statement, one team disappears and another is born. It often happens in motorsport where, when you are in difficulty, you even cling to a thread of wool

MotoGP: CryptoDATA and Dorna: let's leave each other like this, without rancour. And Aprilia is the phoenix

Let's imagine them like this again, united in an allegorical embrace, Carmelo Ezpeleta (with his big thumb in the air!) and Ovidiu Toma. It's true, the Dorna boss and the CryptoDATA boss insulted each other not even 10 days ago, but hey, what’s the problem?

Toma called Carmelo a comedian (but if you read HERE the accusation was worse), Ezpeleta for his part threw the first stone, with precise aim, sinking with a single torpedo like a U-Boat Razlan Razali’s adventurous little RNF team boat; sure, the latter was taking on a bit of water, but it was neither the first nor the last team in difficulty, trying to face the stormy waters of a championship which, like all forms of motorsport, sees rivers of money pass over the heads of the protagonists and a lot of people jumping to try to gain something from it.

So we have moved on from insults, not exactly to hugs but to a laughable statement that you can read below. Bitterly, of course. The fact that it was not Ovidiu who signed it with Carmelo, but rather Bogdan Maruntis, the co-founder of CryptoDATA, makes one think that the partner's anger is not completely over, but you know, business is business and so why drag yourself into a court when the matter can be settled - how can we say? - honourably?

So Dorna appreciates CryptoData's involvement, while the latter recognizes that theirs has been a great journey and thanks the collaboration received from the entire paddock community.

At the end of the day, they have gone back to the good initial relations with which Dorna thanked the sponsor for its entry into Razali's RNF team, taking over 60%. We know nothing about the real value of this non-belligerence pact, but in the end who cares? It is more than likely that, for both parties, it was a loss of earnings. That is, someone didn't pay and someone else didn't pocket. Oh well, it happens in companies. Damage to one's image, oh well, who cares. This year we have witnessed an absolutely crazy rider market (Pernat would say: not correct) and as for the damage to its image, MotoGP mostly manages to cause it on its own with wavering judgments on the disciplinary decisions to be made on the various infractions of its riders. But also with many other management imperfections that we are not going to list.

And so? Nothing. But please let's not point the finger at motorcycle racing. If anything, this is just the demonstration that MotoGP is slavishly following what has already happened in the past in F1, for example, with the Andrea Moda team. Maybe everything was more romantic then. But there are other examples. All is quiet on the Western Front.

Then, of course, there is always the hope that the world of two wheels will also grow, but no one is being a little professor by pointing fingers. When you are drowning, in certain situations, you also cling to a woollen thread, knowing full well that it won't hold. Racing is like that.

The only regret, in these cases, is that often those who suffer the worst burns are the boys and girls of the hit and sunk team, in a game of battleships which is just a cross on the squared sheet of paper of the two antagonists, who don't even think for a moment that in that little picture there is the name of a man, or a woman, forced to look for another job. Hoping to find it, it goes without saying.

The press release:


The year 2023 marked a transition period for the RNF team. From the outset, DORNA and CryptoDATA established clear objectives, which, for CryptoDATA, culminated in an agreement in which CryptoDATA undertook control of the business side of the RNF team and became the majority shareholder.

CryptoDATA successfully achieved their set objectives, ensuring that the RNF Team was able to successfully navigate through the challenging moments it was facing.

DORNA, IRTA and RNF have been able to amicably solve their differences that arose in the last part of the 2023 Season. Although the RNF Team will not participate in the 2024 season of MotoGP, DORNA and IRTA wish the best of success to RNF and CryptoDATA in their commercial ventures.

The Championship recognizes and appreciates CryptoDATA’s technological prowess and innovative capabilities, hoping that in the future we can continue collaborating and creating synergy between our organizations.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO DORNA: “We appreciate the involvement CryptoDATA has had in MotoGP. During our collaboration, CryptoDATA had a contribution in MotoGP with an impact on various fronts. Besides being the title sponsor for the Austrian GP, CryptoDATA became the majority shareholder of and helped RNF to overcome tough moments in a very short timeline.”

Bogdan Maruntis, Co-Founder of CryptoDATA and Head of Global Strategy: “The objective of CryptoDATA was never to be involved in the sporting side of the RNF team because this is not our field of activity. Nevertheless, we saw an opportunity to get a deeper involvement in the motorsports realm and decided to help the RNF Team to overcome their situation. It has been a great journey and we appreciate the collaboration of all the paddock community.”

“Currently CryptoDATA has fulfilled its proposed objectives in terms of business and marketing in MotoGP and will focus on our main purpose in the technology industry. We will remain MotoGP fans and will collaborate as much as possible with the Championship.”


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