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MotoGP, Carlos Ezpeleta: “America? Two GPs, not just a quickie in Austin”

“We have to bring the Americans closer to motorcycles, and Trackhouse has to be an opportunity for growth. I’d like to do two races in America. The Sprint? The numbers were important. We’d like to confirm it in all the races, also in 2024.”

MotoGP: Carlos Ezpeleta: “America? Two GPs, not just a quickie in Austin”

The year hasn’t ended yet but, apparently, we’re already in 2024, and there are already new developments. The latest is Trackhouse’s arrival in the MotoGP, replacing RNF as Aprilia’s satellite team. The presentation was held in the studios of Sky in Milan, and Carlos Ezpeleta was also present.

The Spanish manager wanted to welcome Mark’s team, which has been involved in NASCAR for a long time. For the occasion, the MotoGP’s Chief Sporting Officer wanted to comment on this new entry in the paddock and, at the same time, on the team led by Razali.

I’m obviously sorry to have to say goodbye to RNF but, as we well know, there were financial difficulties,”  Carlos told us. “At the same time, however, we’re here to welcome a new team, very different from the previous one. We want to try to figure out how to grow in the United States. When Rossomondo arrived in Dorna, we faced  new dynamics and, by chance, now the Trackhouse team has also arrived.

Could this be a great opportunity to enter the US market even more?
America is an important market for Dorna, as well as for the constructors. Americans must get in touch with motorcycles, and this must be our mission, because going to Austin for a year and then disappearing, doing a quickie, isn’t enough. We’ve seen what Formula 1 has done, for example, and I think that’s the right way to go. In past years, the World Championship has had many American winners and, in my opinion, we can rediscover those values.”

Would you be interested in a second race in the States?
We’re thinking about it, and we’re assessing it. I’d like to have two successful races, with a strong appeal, where we can attract a large number of fans, without putting two weekends close together. I think two races in the United States would be great. The problem is that, at the moment, we only have Austin as an available track.

Will we be seeing Sprints again in 2024?
This season was new for everyone and, in the end, teams and riders were able to manage the race weekend better. We like to have the same format for all the weekends, taking into consideration the impact for the fans and TV, since the numbers were impressive. The sprint is a different strategy compared to Sunday, to the extent that we’ve seen several winners over the weekend. We’ll certainly talk to the teams, but our goal is to continue what we’re doing.” 


Translated by Leila Myftija

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