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Trackhouse: not just Aprilia and MotoGP, but also possibly Moto3

Justin Marks, owner of the American team, was at Valencia and is weighing up the possibility of taking over from Prüstel in the cadet class through a collaboration with Leopard which would give the Noale company the chance to nurture young talent

Moto3: Trackhouse: not just Aprilia and MotoGP, but also possibly Moto3


The MotoGP paddock is ready to welcome a new team. After the expulsion of CryptoDATA from MotoGP by Dorna, FIM and IRTA (the violation of the Participation Agreement is the reason), the announcement of the arrival of the Americans from Trackhouse is expected shortly. As we have already written, the team is owned by Justin Marks, a racing driver himself for more than 20 years before making the leap to the other side of the fence.

The American manager was in Valencia, where he spoke with Aprilia and Dorna to plan his entry into the premier class next year. In Spain, however, he also saw another opportunity that interested him and it concerns Moto3. The Prüstel team, in fact, has closed its doors after losing the support of the Chinese manufacturer CFMoto and in the cadet class there remains an open place as far as teams are concerned.

Marks is also reported to be interested in this opportunity and last weekend he tested the waters. Also entering Moto3 would not in itself be a problem for him, but he would need a technical partner for his team. For this reason he turned to one of the best teams in the paddock, Leopard, fresh winner of the title with Jaume Masia.

The American met Flavio Becca (owner of the Italian-Luxembourg team) to understand if this collaboration could arise. Certainly, it would also be useful for Aprilia, which in this way could sign promising young talents and help them grow on the path that leads to MotoGP. If they're roses they'll bloom.

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