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MotoGP, Miller: “Honda won a GP because it has more concessions than we do?”

The KTM rider fears Dorna could have preferences, then joked about the absence of Marquez and Mir for several races: “It’s easy like that.” With regard to the sensations he had when testing the innovations for 2024, he said: “It’s the right direction.”

MotoGP: Miller: “Honda won a GP because it has more concessions than we do?”


Ninth after completing 62 laps, Jack Miller concluded the MotoGP tests in Valencia with a smile. The KTM team tested various innovations and, at least for now, the results have been positive.

The day went well, overall, and I had fun,” he stated. “It's a shame about the wind, which made it a bit difficult, but we managed to test some new parts and, if we already knew we were in the right direction, we confirmed it. Now we have a plan of the things we have to focus on over the winter.

The 28-year-old was, however, disturbed by the less than mild weather. “Working on aerodynamics with the wind isn’t the greatest, especially if it’s transverse. That’s why I was slipping, despite the speed. In any case, I tried to collect as much data as possible, and now we’ll have to take the positive results from it to strengthen ourselves.”

The aerodynamic package wasn’t the only aspect the Austrian team focused on: “We dedicated ourselves to traction control, which we worked on for twelve months, and engine braking, which are the parts I had complained about. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, problems can’t be solved in an instant,” he contemplated, before revealing other details. “We also checked the new Brembo brake lever, which impressed me, and the rear hand brake. I almost stalled going into the pit lane, because I thought it was the clutch.

The Australian rider then got a good response from the tires.

Especially from the new front K, but I have to say I was cautious, especially in right-hand corners because, when I tested them, it was late, and it was starting to get chilly. The soft ones were also good, although I set the time with the old ones, due to some mistakes made during the run. In general, they have potential, especially in fast corners.”

Finally, #43 spoke about the 2024 concessions, not sparing a dig at a big name and at Dorna. “I haven’t seen  them, yet. Do I have to go to Malaysia for the shakedown by any chance?", he asked ironically. To the negative response from reports – who pointed out to him that the commitment will be on Quartararo’s Yamaha and that, unlike Ducati, which will have zero wild cars, KTM will be entitled to six – he came down hard on the organizer, who he thinks is guilty of having preferences. “Honda will be able to enjoy three engine development credits and we won’t be entitled to any? Strange, considering that they won a GP and we won none.

And when it was pointed out to him that points in the standings were taken into consideration and not possible wins, Jack went for the kill “It’s easier when your riders miss part of the season,” referring to Marc Marquez and Joan Mir, who were on part-time duty due to their respective injuries.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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