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MotoGP, Fernandez on the Aprilia 2023: “It’s a second faster than the old one”

The Spanish rider promotes what will soon be his next bike: “It has improved in aerodynamics, but I still can’t turn it well in corners.” And, as he dreams of being able to ride the 2024, he says, “Glad to have the team’s support.” 

MotoGP: Fernandez on the Aprilia 2023: “It’s a second faster than the old one”


Fifth on his Aprilia at the end of the test session at the Ricardo Tormo circuit, Raul Fernadez was happy with the sensations he had in the 64 laps during the group’s last seasonal effort, before a well-deserved break.

In the morning, we rode the old bike, and the times were in line with those of the race,” he stated. “I was very fast so, at a certain point, I preferred to stop, also because the weather conditions weren’t really favorable, with low temperatures and wind.”

As far as the tires are concerned, I preferred not to take risks and start with the soft tires, since Martin had fallen while riding with the medium tires,” he continued. “Overall, I’m happy. I felt very comfortable, and I think the team worked in the right direction. Now we know what to do to improve. Personally, I’ve tried to provide many useful indications for the winter work of the team, so that we can be ready for Sepang and test different solutions, since the technicians seem to have many ideas.”

So far, everything seems fine, but there have also been a few sour notes. “I still can’t turn the bike well, when I touch the gas. I don’t think it’s a big problem, but we need to find a solution to get closer to Ducati. Overall, however, it went well, and the pace was also good, so I’m happy.”

If the RS-GP has comforting news, the dialogue with the brand and the technical group also raises their spirits. “They’re satisfied with both me and Oliveira. I feel their support and, on this occasion, given Espargaro’s absence in the afternoon, I acted a bit like the official mouthpiece,” he said jokingly.

While trying to make a comparison between the 2022 used until Sunday and the “new” 2023, like everyone else, the Spanish rider is waiting to discover the name of his team after RNF Racing was excluded from the upcoming championship due to the alleged contractual violations, and he commented: “This year’x allowed me to be almost a second faster. I also noticed progress in the front aerodynamics. It gives you more confidence and allows you to enter corners more aggressively. Will they be giving me the 2024? Ask Aprilia.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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