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MotoGP, Rins promotes Yamaha: “I did the first laps smiling”

Pleased with his debut on the M1, the Spanish rider admitted that he felt comforted by the presence of technicians who he knew: “It really helps.” Then he spoke about Quartararo: “We’ll have to work in synergy.” And on his physical condition: “I’m not 100% okay, yet.”

MotoGP: Rins promotes Yamaha: “I did the first laps smiling”


Making his debut with Yamaha on this Tuesday of collective MotoGP tests at the Valencia circuit, Alex Rins finished in 19th place with 54 laps. Despite the known criticalities - also revealed by a general classification where the Japanese brand was second to last in the class - Alex’s first sensations were comforting.

It went very well. It was a positive test,” he told the reporters present. “We preferred not to test many things. On the contrary, we divided the day into two parts. In the morning, I rode with the bike used by Quartararo in the race, grinding kilometers and trying to familiarize myself with all the devices. In the afternoon, however, I focused on aerodynamics. The technicians brought two new packages and one, in particular, I really liked for stability and grip. So, overall, I’m satisfied.” 

To tackle this session, the former LCR rider intervened slightly on Fabio’s version of the M1. “I just had the suspension and shock absorber changed. The foundation is what it is, but I was happy. During the first laps, I kept smiling because I immediately noticed some differences with the Honda, but I can’t say anything. Another thing that struck me is the great commitment of the team. I was in a satellite team for a season while, here, we’re in a factory. Like in Suzuki, there are a lot of people to talk to and give directions to, and I like that a lot.

Helping him was the presence of several faces familiar to him, like his former electronics engineer. “It’s very important to have someone who knows you in the garage. If you can’t explain yourself well, it can be a fundamental aid.”

Encouraged by the atmosphere and the welcome he received, #42 then revealed that he had found everything he expected to find in the Yamaha garage, including a similarity of ideas with El Diablo. “At the end of the round, we made very similar comments, which is also why it’ll be important to work together. The more suggestions we give, the greater the chances of improving the bike.”

Called to make a comparison with the Suzuki he left behind at the end of 2022, the 27-year-old rider said: “With this bike, I can brake harder when entering corners, which is good. On the contrary, we’ll have to review the electronics, because the response was a little different from the one I was used to.” 

After confirming that he’ll be present riding in the winter shakedown, the rider from Spaiin admitted that he’s still not in perfect physical shape after breaking his tibia and fibula. “Today, the pain penalized me at turns four, five, and eleven. But I’m happy because of the dialogue with the team. Being new, I asked a lot of questions, including if I could skip the time attack. We only had three sets per compound and, to avoid risks with the mediums, I asked to be able to stay on the softs to gain experience and collect data. And so it went. What’s waiting for me? Rest and physiotherapy since the bone is struggling to regenerate itself.”



Translated by Leila Myftija

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