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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "It's an honour to have Marquez, but I'll listen to him like everyone else"

"Marc will be an awkward presence, but nothing will change for Bagnaia: he will just have to think about winning again. Martin wanted the official team? He deserved it, but Ducati respects contracts"

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

Gigi Dall'Igna is no longer satisfied with winning, he prefers to dominate. He won the World Championship again with Bagnaia, making it a trio with Martin and Bezzecchi, the constructors' title for Ducati is now a given and, as if that weren’t enough, the arrival of Marc Marquez will only strengthen an already invincible army. “I have to say thanks to our riders because they all did an incredible job and a heartfelt thank you to all the people who work in the racing department - begins the general director whom we had already listened to at Doha in GPOnecarWe started with a bike that worked very well at the beginning of the season, but we also managed to improve in some aspects where our rivals were better, such as at the start".

What quality of Bagnaia impressed you most this year?

“It was a difficult end to the season for him, from Barcelona onwards Martin was faster than him on many tracks. Pecco knew how to handle the pressure well and that's something very important."

Marc Marquez will ride the Ducati for the first time today, can you confirm that Ducati didn't want him?

“That was Ducati's position. Having said that, I am curious to hear his comments because he is one of the most important riders in the history of motorcycle racing and it is still an honour that he wants to race with our bike, even making sacrifices. It's something that makes me proud and makes me very happy."

He only has a one-year contract, could this be a problem?

“In satellite teams the riders often don't have very long contracts, it's part of the game. We will work hard to give the best possible to all the riders who have the Ducati logo on their tank."

Can Marquez help you improve the Desmosedici as well?

“I listen to all riders absolutely the same, I've never followed just one and I think it's wrong to do so. The important thing is to improve the bike and I am convinced that, if the bike has a problem that the official rider doesn't tell me about, if I solve it he too can be faster. Throughout my life I have always listened to all the riders and I will continue to do so."

How difficult will it be to manage his presence?

“Marc is certainly an awkward presence, so we will have to be good at managing the relationships between the teams, between the people who work at Ducati. I believe that one of our strengths is the harmony that exists within our teams."

There were already the first sparks between him and Bezzecchi on Sunday…

“It was a race episode, these are things that pass.”

What will Marc's arrival mean for Bagnaia?

“I think it won't change much, Pecco is a two-time world champion and he will have to do everything to confirm himself for the third time. There aren't many riders who have managed to win the MotoGP title two years in a row, so Bagnaia is also one of the most important riders in the world championship at the moment."

Do you think Marquez's riding style will be profitable on the Ducati?

“Almost all the riders who have ridden on it have won with our bike, so I imagine so and I imagine that we will be able to give him some advice to adapt it to his needs”.

Which bike will Marc Marquez start with?

“With the Desmosedici with which Zarco ended the season. On the bikes of Pecco, Enea and Martin we introduced some further evolutions which however had also given us some problems, both in terms of reliability and performance, so we do not believe that those evolutions are easy to use for private teams. We preferred not to include certain things."

Martin said on Sunday that if he still hadn't managed to convince Ducati with his results, then he will never be in the factory team.

“Jorge had an incredible championship and deserved to be in the official team, but unfortunately there are only two places and contracts must be respected. They will expire at the end of the year and at that point we will evaluate what the best options will be for us. I think we did our duty with Martin, we gave him the bike to fight for the championship until the end, without playing around or penalizing him. He and Pecco fought for the World Championship on equal terms and will start again in 2024 on equal terms."

The new concession system was made official yesterday, what do you think?

“I agree with helping manufacturers in difficulty, I am convinced that it is right to give the Japanese manufacturers advantages at this time because if the championship becomes better it will be better for everything. I absolutely disagree, however, in giving concessions to Aprilia and KTM, manufacturers who have won races this year or who have been constantly fighting to do so. Something will change for us, because we will have fewer tyres for testing, to carry on with our development, and that's what worries me the most. In the medium term, not at the beginning of the season, it is a factor that could penalize us."

In SBK Ducati has been limited, do you think it could also happen in MotoGP in the future?

“I don't think this is the objective of the organizers and the FIM. In SBK we start with production bikes and there may be differences between one manufacturer and another, in MotoGP everyone has the same rules and the same possibilities, you have to do your best. If I understand it little, but I can accept it, in SBK, honestly it would be something that goes against nature in MotoGP".

What is your opinion on the Michelin tyres? There appear to have been some quality issues.

“It's not easy to make tyres that are all the same, just as it's not easy with engines. I have the same problem, even if on paper they should be, there is always an engine that has a few more horsepower, another that breaks, yet another that performs a little less. These are things that are part of racing, a rider must accept them. Clearly if they happen at the key moment of the championship they hurt more, but you don't win or lose a title because of a tyre, but because of the mistakes that were made during the season and to improve it's those that a rider must focus on to concentrate".

From next year it is said that there will be disqualification for anyone who does not respect the minimum tyre pressure limit. What do you think?

“It's a rule and everyone will have to respect it, this year we learned and I think we can manage things. Sometimes you have to take risks and have problems, but it's not yet clear what the penalty will be next year."

What did the riders ask you for the 2024 bike?

“What they always ask for: more speed and more turning (laughs). Martin complained about chattering? Let's say that in the last part of the season we had some episodes of vibrations that we hadn't suffered from for a while, it will certainly be one of the issues we will address. The problem is that we don't have many tests to accommodate all the new features we would like to introduce. We made a mistake at the beginning of 2021 with too many evolutions and we learned the lesson. But I think that the difference between the GP24 and the GP23 will be a little bigger than what there was between the latter and the GP22, but we'll see."

Biofuels will be introduced in MotoGP in 2024, how will they affect it?

“They will certainly give us some more problems, especially vapor lock, and performance will decrease a bit. We'll have to be careful, but we've been testing the new fuel for a while now and I think we'll be able to adapt."


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