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MotoGP, Valencia Grand Prix: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

You have to know how to win, Pecco Bagnaia has demonstrated it and has repeated it. Three is the perfect number, especially when it's your world titles

MotoGP: Valencia Grand Prix: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


Three is the perfect number: three rings on his fingers, like the world titles won, the last two in a row. Again in Valencia, but this time also taking the race win, because Pecco Bagnaia had to triumph and so he did. He dunked a golden basketball into the basket, as he had done to his opponents. You are born a number one, but then you also have to become one and still reconfirm yourself. Like Pecco, champion in name and in fact, for those who haven't noticed yet.

THE GOOD – Great among the greats, a 25-point slam dunk that was not only worth the match but the entire championship. At the worst moment, the best Pecco Bagnaia reappeared, the one who thinks, pushes, manages, excites: the champion capable of repeating himself, of facing the responsibility of number 1. He still has the tendency to complicate his life, but it’s no big deal if the results are these.

THE BAD – MotoGP needs a show and the latest idea is the surprise podium. It's simple: you take a rider (in this case Di Giannantonio), spray him with Prosecco, give him a trophy and send him to a press conference. Finally, you tell him that it was all a big mistake. Like in a candid camera, which however isn't funny.

THE UGLY – Not many points, a lot of disappointments and not even the catwalk of the last race. The Honda cure has transformed Joan Mir into the shadow of the champion he was. So evanescent that he is invisible, impalpable, to be doubted in a case of mistaken identity. He has an entire winter to find himself.

DISAPPOINTMENT - He lost it and the World Championship, in the worst race he could have had. The mistake when braking and the collision with Marquez are understandable, but returning to the track after going way too long could have ended (very) badly indeed. Jorge Martin's season is untouchable, a good film, but there is some work to be done on the ending.

CONFIRMATION – It's a short step from a comet to a rising star, especially if you are called Fabio Di Giannantonio. A delayed-growth cub who now has teeth to bite and a contract in his pocket for next year. He won't just have to lose his habit.

MISTAKE – A big round of applause for the foresight of Maverick Vinales, capable of making the wrong tyre choice both in the Sprint and in the long race. It wasn't easy, but when the going got hard, a soft tyre got going.

SURPRISE – Raul Fernandez ended a subdued year on a high note. It may have been the atmosphere of home, the holidays around the corner, Uranus in conjunction with Saturn, but at Valencia he did his best race in MotoGP. All that remains now is to start 2024 in the same way.

PASS – For Binder, overtaking is the cause and solution of all problems. If there is no room to do it, a shoulder push solves everything. Brad used strong ways with Alex Marquez and the Stewards didn't like it. The South African solved the problem by overtaking Vinales, only to then give him the position back.

CURIOSITY – For the first time in the history of the world championship, no rider has managed to win two consecutive races in the premier class.

TOLD YOU SO – Marc Marquez had placed his bet: "the title will go to Jorge Martin". You can't always win.


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