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MotoGP, Rossi: "Marini's replacement? On Tuesday I'll ride at Valencia with the Ducati"

Valentino jokes: "There are two Italians in the running: the second is me! Yesterday I thought that Pecco had already won the World Championship. Marquez will be dangerous next year, we'll see how Ducati will manage him. I was hoping for the official bike for 2024, we defended Bezzecchi with our teeth"

MotoGP: Rossi: "Marini's replacement? On Tuesday I'll ride at Valencia with the Ducati"


Among those who celebrated Bagnaia's title victory there was also Valentino Rossi. The Doctor followed Pecco's entire weekend closely, hugging him once the race was over. In addition to the celebrations, the #46 then spoke to Sky's microphones, talking about the success of the Piedmont rider and not only that.

“What can I say, great Pecco, we are World Champions! – he said – yesterday morning I was very excited to see Bagnaia's qualifying. I thought that he had already won the World Championship, but after choosing the medium tyre some doubts emerged. But today he was perfect and very good."

Valentino, do you have any regrets about leaving Ducati?

“Unfortunately, Ducati and I didn't meet each other for two/three years, given that in 2015 they were ready to win. The fact is that I was in a hurry to return to success and I was old, in fact then I returned to winning with Yamaha."

How do you view Marquez's arrival in Ducati?

“Marc's arrival will be very interesting to see, as well as how Ducati handles it. Marc will be very dangerous and our guys will have to be in good shape."

Do you regret not having the official Ducati in 2024?

“We hoped that Ducati would give us the official bike, in fact we defended Bezzecchi with our teeth. However, let's hope there is little difference between the GP23 and the GP24, so we can try and compete for the World Championship with Bezz".

Who will be Bezzecchi's teammate?

“There are two Italian riders in the running. I'm just telling you that I'm the second one. Maybe I'll ride the Ducati on Tuesday (he's joking). These things always have particular dynamics and must be evaluated."


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