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MotoGP, Martin got it all wrong and throws away the chance to win

Two serious errors in a few corners. A straight, then the “torpedoing” of an innocent Marc Marquez. This time, the Martinator can’t blame anyone.

MotoGP: Martin got it all wrong and throws away the chance to win


Determination is fine, but you can’t waste a world championship opportunity like this one. He returned to the track, after he went long at Turn 1, which was deemed a penalty. With his heart on the limiting device, Jorge started riding instinctively, but you can’t do that with the current MotoGP. At that point, Martin looked like a boxer returning to the center of the ring after two knockouts: he was no longer lucid. He was convinced he could still fight, but he had already lost.

Too bad. We would’ve preferred a duel between the two, but this tough defeat will probably serve to make Martin more insidious next year. He has the speed, but he has to learn how to hold back his talent.

Both Pecco and Jorge were very wrong. After the Barcelona accident, Bagnaia took the blow, and  it took him a while to recover, even if it hardly had any physical consequences. Martin, on the other hand, began a comeback that led him to take the lead of the world championship. But the satisfaction lasted less than 24 hours, in Indonesia, after the Sprint.

The Martinator has won the Sprint 9 times and the Grand Prix 4, while Bagnaia has won 7 GPs and 4 Sprints. As we said at the beginning of the season, the new format of the world championship has transformed the championship but, in the end, it’s the sum that makes up the total. Pecco Bagnaia won in the most complete manner, but in two months they'll be starting again.

Translated by Leila Myftija

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