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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Martìn was great in the end, but I think the best man won"

"There are always difficult moments in championships, as in life. It's precisely sacrifice and stubbornness that allow you to overcome them that make you great. Marquez's future as an official rider? We'll see from Tuesday"

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

Today either Pecco Bagnaia or the challenger Jorge Martìn could have won the title, but in any case this morning the person who woke up knowing he had already won was Gigi Dall'Igna, the man who, together with his pool of engineers, made this all-encompassing Ducati-branded domination possible. Gigi tried to remain equidistant between Pecco and Jorge, he didn't want to favour either of them because when you manage great riders like them, they necessarily enter your heart, even if they are dressed in different colours.

In the end Bagnaia won and perhaps this was the scenario dreamed of by Dall'Igna, who saw the spearhead of the Ducati squadron confirmed as world champion. Gigi is preparing for the big party in Valencia, but in the meantime he shared his first emotions a few minutes after the chequered flag of a triumphal 2023 for the Borgo Panigale manufacturer.

"What can I say, a fantastic day - commented a very emotional Dall'Igna - I'm sorry for Jorge, because in the last part of the season he really did some incredible things, but Pecco responded like a champion, so I think the best man won in the end ".

Pecco had to fight with the enemy in house!

"I think these things strengthen you, Pecco was really good at holding on, so I really give him a lot of compliments because he deserves them all."

It’s a magical moment for Ducati, from MotoGP to SBK.

"I think doing these things two years in a row in MotoGP and SBK is something great, I think these guys are doing an incredible job and I'm proud of each of them."

How would you define today's Bagnaia in one word?


Do you think the incident in Barcelona triggered something in his head?

"There are always difficult moments in championships, as in life. It is precisely sacrifice and stubbornness that allow you to overcome them that make you great."

Was it difficult to manage this duel between two Ducati riders in different teams?

"From the point of view of personal pride, it was fantastic to win with Bagnaia. But it is clear that the final part of the season brought some small disagreements that will need to be repaired because we are a strong structure and team because we are all together and we must remain like this, united."

In your opinion, will Pramac be back in the hunt in 2024?

"I hope so and that’s what I wish for them."

Did you see a transformed Bagnaia compared to the one at Valencia 2022?

"I saw him transformed within 12 hours!".

Now we can say it: will Bastianini remain alongside Pecco, or can Martìn still aim to replace him in the Ducati Factory?

"Enea will definitely stay with us. Honestly, there were doubts, we did some reasoning because we couldn't help but see the final part of the season for Jorge, who was fantastic and would certainly have deserved a place in the official team."

And will Marc Marquez be a possible candidate for the official bike from 2025?

"Marquez? We’ll see him from Tuesday!".


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