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MotoGP, Bastianini: “Bad race, already ruined from the start. Tomorrow Bagnaia will be there.”

The Ducati rider admits his difficulties: “I wasn’t even fast enough in the Q1.” And on the tires, he reveals: “We’ll probably go with the soft tomorrow.” Then regarding Bagnaia: “He’ll be competitive in the race.”

MotoGP: Bastianini: “Bad race, already ruined from the start. Tomorrow Bagnaia will be there.”


Only 17th at the finish line of the Valencia Sprint Race, Enea Bastianini explained the difficulties he encountered with a stumble at the start and regarding the tires, even if his problems started in the morning.

“Unfortunately, they all lapped fast in the Q1, and this didn’t allow me to move onto the next stage,” he explained.  “In general, I missed something. The sensations was different from yesterday, so I knew I’d struggle, also because the track has changed a bit, and I didn’t feel very well. I’ll have to try and review the set-up.”

“During the race, I had a problem at the start,” he continued explaining. “Something happened to Miller, so I had to close the throttle, and this prevented me from going fast at turn one and deactivating the front device. I did the whole first lap with a blocked fork and, in order to try to unblock it, I had to stay on it. Too bad, because we could’ve had a discreet race, even if not up front.”

As pointed out by other riders, for example Maverick Vinales, the Beast also emphasized how the medium compound didn’t perform as expected. “Those who mounted the soft went better, so that will have to be assessed for the long GP,” he said. “I haven’t yet seen the data on wear, but we should be very close. The thing is that the soft one responded better, maybe because of the extra grip. But, in the morning, the medium seemed the ideal choice. Was Bagnaia penalized by this problem? Probably somewhat ... It certainly slowed down our pace.”

Lastly, in reference to his garage mate, Pecco, who’s in contention for the title, he concluded: “I’m not seeing him much these days. He improved today, even if he could’ve achieved more in the sprint. I think he’ll be competitive Sunday afternoon, and I hope to be so, as well.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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