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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Ducati didn't want Marc Marquez, it will be a complicated situation"

"It was the Gresini team who seized the opportunity and I understand them. If I think about business I'm rooting for Bagnaia for the title, but from the human side I'm equidistant between him and Martin"

MotoGP: Dall'Igna: "Ducati didn't want Marc Marquez, it will be a complicated situation"


There is a World Championship to be fought out at Valencia, but however it ends, a Ducati will win, whether it is Bagnaia's red one or Martin's white and purple one. For Gigi Dall'Igna it will be a success and yet another confirmation that under his leadership the Borgo Panigale manufacturer has become the benchmark in MotoGP.

But who is the Veneto engineer 'rooting for'? In an interview given to La Repubblica he stated it clearly: "for Ducati it is certainly better if Pecco wins: our sponsors are important, we have been linked for many seasons, there is a very strong relationship. But if I put business aside and think about the human aspect, then I am - I have to be - equidistant: we have two good guys under contract with us."

And two excellent riders, with different characteristics. So much so that Gigi imagines an unbeatable combination between the two.

“Martin is definitely explosive, instinctive. Bagnaia, on the other hand, is calm, logical, prepared, methodical - he declared - In the end it is always the best compromise that wins: understanding when is the time to be instinctive, and when to be methodical. If those two studied each other, learning from each other, they would be unbeatable."

A dream duo, but in a few days another champion will arrive at Ducati who might break the equilibrium: Marc Marquez.

“Ducati didn't want him. It is the Gresini team that seized the opportunity and I can understand them: having an 8-time world champion for a private team means visibility, the possibility of finding sponsors and great sporting satisfaction for those who put so much passion into it – were the words of Dall' Igna - We will have to be good at managing a slightly more complicated situation. But we are used to this type of problem, we have two riders competing for the World Championship. I'm not worried if Marc will get to know 'our' secrets, I'm more worried when one of our engineers is put under contract by another manufacturer."


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