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MotoGP, Bastianini: “Dall’Igna has contacted Sinner for next year”

“After the Portimao incident I didn't know if I would go back to the way I was before. The GP24? Ducati knows what my requests are and they coincide with those of the other riders"

MotoGP: Bastianini: “Dall’Igna has contacted Sinner for next year”


Enea Bastianini's 2024 comes to an end in Valencia. Certainly not an easy season for the Romagna rider, who was also the victim of an injury in Portimao and the following one in Barcelona. The fact is that despite the various setbacks, the Ducati rider managed to achieve a victory that repaid him for all his efforts.

It is precisely from there that Bastianini wants to start again in view of this last round and with a nod to next year.

“I arrive here in Valencia with the aim of doing my race and then we'll see how it develops along the way – he said – the mood is positive, because I come to this event after a fantastic GP like the one in Malaysia, without forgetting about the last one in Qatar, where regardless of the result I had the speed".

So is it almost a shame that the season ends on Sunday?

“I was starting to carburate well and we could have Christmas in Japan (he smiles). This Championship for me was shorter than that of the other riders, but when I came back it proved to be tougher. In the end I'm tired too and I'll have to rest to recover for 2024."

What do you expect from Wednesday's test?

“I'm very curious to try the GP24 even if we'll see the real bike in Sepang. Requests? Nothing in particular, given that my comments are always the same and in Borgo Panigale they know them well. Among other things, my considerations coincide with those of the other riders and I know that Ducati has worked a lot."

How do you rate this year?

“This season has been tough, especially after the injury in Portimao, because I didn't know if I would be the same as before. Then there was the second injury in Barcellona. The fact is that in the end I found the speed again, but above all freedom after the victory in Sepang, because it was important to get a result. So we'll see if everything will be simpler or not in the future."

What sort of duel for the title will it be between Bagnaia and Martin?

"It will be a tough challenge, because Jorge has always been strong at Valencia, but I am convinced that Pecco will go on the attack and this will be his winning weapon without going on the defensive."

Are you surprised by all these tyre problems?

“There are those, it's undeniable, but Michelin always tries to give 100%. It's bad to sometimes see episodes that can affect the World Championship, especially if there are two contenders fighting. It's not easy to always use the same tyres, but I'm of the opinion that Michelin will work to do better."

Last week Sinner captured much of the scene's spotlight, leaving very little for MotoGP. What idea did you have?

“I know that Gigi has contacted Sinner for next year – he joked – I hope that people continue to follow motorcycle racing. It would be a shame if the enthusiasm in Italy were to dampen, because this sport is cool and we hope it will soon return to the top of the world."



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