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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: “Marini in Honda? Leaving Ducati will be a big challenge"

“I don't know what reason pushes Luca to leave a competitive bike for a project that requires a lot of work, but I have a good relationship with him and I wish him all the best. Honda will come back to the top, with or without me, but they need time. Acosta will have his era in MotoGP"

MotoGP: Marc Marquez: “Marini in Honda? Leaving Ducati will be a big challenge"


If two clues are proof of evidence Johann Zarco will not be the only rider to move from a Ducati to a Honda in 2024. Luca Marini in fact seems destined to carry out the same move as the Frenchman to become Marc Marquez's heir in the HRC team, performing the reverse path to that of the eight-time world champion. It’s a difficult move to understand for the Catalan, surprised by the fact that the Roman naturalized in Tavullia is willing to leave a competitive bike like the Desmosedici to get on his.

“Obviously I don't know Honda's strategy exactly. I thought they would have bet on Di Giannantonio a couple of races ago, but already in Thailand I started to feel something about Marini and it seems he will take my place - explained Marquez - I'm happy for Luca. We have always had a good relationship and he is a young and experienced rider on the Ducati, which is the best bike on the grid for results. If in the end the news becomes official, he will find himself facing a big challenge, leaving a Ducati as competitive as that of his brother's team. I don't know what the main reason is why he would join Honda. I chose to have a competitive bike, while he would go towards a project that requires a lot of work. Sometimes things seem a certain way from the outside but are different from the inside, so it would be better to ask him."

With three seasons on a Ducati under his belt, Marini could bring important know-how to Honda, but also struggle to adapt to the RC213V.

“I don't know his exact riding style, because it changes a lot from one track to another. Obviously he is a young rider and looking at the situation from the outside the most natural move would have been to take Giannantonio for a year, but the rumours speak more and more insistently about Marini and if that were the case I can only wish him the best, because I have a good relationship with him. Very friendly and respectful - reiterated the Spanish rider - We would be separated next year, which is a good thing because it's nothing new that I haven't had a good relationship with Valentino in the past, but with Marini it's different. They are different people and we need to separate the two things."

In joining HRC, the 25-year-old from Urbino could work with the team and Marc's crew chief, as well as get on his bike.

"I wouldn’t know. As I said before, since I decided to leave Honda there is a lot of respect between us and if they ask me something I try to give them an honest opinion and try to do my job on the track, but I don't know exactly what the strategy is for the future and for next year - insisted the eight-time champion - Honda will return to the top, with or without me, but they need time".

The concessions it should enjoy next year will be a big help for the Tokyo manufacturer, but even such an advantage was not enough for the eldest of the Marquez brothers to continue his adventure with the team.

“I already knew two months ago that they would have the concessions and this hasn't changed my plans - he admitted - I wish Honda the best, but I have a year left on my contract and I will try to give 100% to do my best on the track and have more possibilities for the future."

Everyone expects great things from the Iberian in 2024, but will his arrival in Ducati be a blessing or a problem for the Borgo Panigale manufacturer?

“I don't know either - replied Marc - I don't want to talk before the Valencia test, because I'm coming from a race in which I finished 13th, 27” behind the winner and I can't make any claims. My mentality will be to work hard and stay focused in the garage to try to get the most out of the bike, but I can't know how he will go before riding it. It is a very fast bike, we also saw it today with Bastianini, Bagnaia and Alex, who had his best weekend in MotoGP, winning the Sprint race and then getting on the podium in the GP. This is a basis for next year."

Something new next season is the debut in the premier class of Pedro Acosta, new world champion in the Moto2 class.

“After his first race in Moto3, I posted a tweet while I was injured on the sofa at home saying that he was an excellent rider and he is proving it. He is one of those riders who will become a big name in MotoGP," commented Marc. "I don't want to label him as 'the anti-someone' or something like that, because that's something I've always hated. Every rider has his era, his years and his moment. Sport is like this, no one is eternal, and he too will have his era as Doohan, Valentino, Lorenzo, Stoner and I had in the past. Now it seems like no one can win many championships in a row, but Acosta is someone who can do it. He is very young, and I am sure he will have his moment in MotoGP, starting perhaps next year when he will immediately get on a competitive bike as demonstrated by Binder, who has achieved excellent results and is fourth in the championship."



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