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MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "Enea was a masterpiece, but so was the Gresini team"

“After yesterday’s victory, I only regret not having attacked Bastianini earlier, but I can’t help but be happy. We can’t forget where we're coming from, my injury. Now we can celebrate. We’ll think about Qatar starting tomorrow.”

MotoGP: Alex Marquez: "Enea was a masterpiece, but so was the Gresini team"


All the Gresini team can do now is smile because, with Alex Marquez’s weekend in Sepang, and the arrival of his brother Marc in the garage, an incredible 2024 is undoubtedly in the making. Alex today confirmed a net growth, interrupted only by a rib injury from which he has only recently recovered.

Alex was impressive in Malaysia, winning the Sprint and then grabbing an important second place in the Grand Prix. In short, a rider who’s ready to express himself at the highest level with Ducati. And knowing that he’ll be joined by his brother Marc in 2024 undoubtedly portends a season of protagonists.

“I tried to follow Enea from the start. I knew that he was the favorite today,” Alex explained. “I expected Pecco to be farther away and Martin closer. Instead, it was the opposite. I waited too long to attack Enea. I should’ve tried earlier. It’s been a fantastic weekend. I’m progressing, and I’m finally in shape. The team did a masterpiece. Now we have to party a bit. You can always ask for more, but we can’t forget everything we’re doing.” 

Why was overtaking so difficult here?
“Because I was in the back and, when you’re in the back, you can see what’s going on. It feels like you’re fighting against a wall. You get closer, and the bike starts moving in the front, and it becomes difficult to handle. That’s the real problem. I was more than half a second away from Enea for the entire race precisely for this reason.”

Would you have won if you had exited in front at the first corner?
“When you’re in the lead, you can do whatever you want. Instead, today I would’ve paid dearly for a small mistake. Even Enea has progressed in braking hard. I think he did really well. It was a difficult race. Enea had an incredible pace. The race was fifteen seconds faster than last year. I was wrong not to attack him in the beginning. Maybe it would’ve been another story.”

You weren’t well when you arrived here in Sepang.
“I wasn’t well when I arrived from Spain. I had a bit of a fever, but now I’m fine, so I say we can celebrate and then think about Qatar, where they want to push a lot again. It’ll be a challenge, because the asphalt changed, and it’s going to be something entirely different from what we’re familiar with.”

Translated by Leila Myftija

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