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MotoGP, VR46 Ducati bets on young Fermin Aldeguer with Luca Marini in HRC

All that’s missing is a signature on the contract. The Academy continues in its youth development project with the Spanish rider, while Marini takes his big step with Repsol.

MotoGP: VR46 Ducati bets on young Fermin Aldeguer with Luca Marini in HRC


Luca Marini admitted yesterday that he's strongly tempted to accept HRC's offer to move to Honda in 2024.

“The Ducati works great in every situation and in every condition. But, as a rider, I also have dreams and goals. Racing for an official team is something incredible, yet it takes the right project and the right situation,” he said.

It definitely seems like the decision has been made today, as we had already speculated. The question was related to who could take Luca’s place in the Mooney VR46 team but, in an interview with Speedweek Uccio Salucci denied that it could be Celestino Vietti.

“No, Celestino Vietti isn’t an option for our MotoGP team because he signed with Ajo for the Moto2,” confirmed Valentino’s friend. “But we have a talented young rider in mind. We have to wait a while before we announce anything to the media.”

The name that has so far been kept a secret should be Fermin Aldeguer’s, who had also emerged for Honda. In this case, the deal is possible because an adequate compensation would be offered to Luca Boscoscuro’s SpeedUp team.

Will this last-minute surprise also come true? The MotoGP has recently gotten us used to frequent twists and turns when it comes to contracts. After all, the die will be cast for everyone in November, and the consequences are that, to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs. Waiting for a confirmation from VR46, which shouldn’t delay, there’s Toni Arbolino. The decision will also go through the remuneration requested by the team, in this case, the Marc VDS team, but there seems to be less hope for the Italian rider.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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