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MotoGP, Martin convinced that he will have no allies in the battle for the title against Bagnaia

Jorge is now 14 points behind Bagnaia: "Enea will think about doing his own races, he has to make up for a difficult season. The tyre pressure? I would rather win and have a penalty than not risk it"

MotoGP: Martin convinced that he will have no allies in the battle for the title against Bagnaia


Jorge Martin bids farewell to Sepang with a points haul below expectations. If in the sprint the Spaniard had climbed to the second step of the podium, beaten by an elusive Alex Marquez and chased by a fierce Bagnaia, on Sunday the Spaniard was unable to keep up with his brandmates, finishing in 4th position, behind Pecco himself who fought to keep the Spaniard at a distance in the standings. He is now 14 points behind the Italian and his eyes are set on the Qatar and Valencia GPs, for a challenge that promises to drag on until the last corner. However, Bastianini's victory poses an alarming question for the Spaniard: if Bagnaia can count on the help of his newfound garage partner, who might help Martinator? The Spaniard is certain that at the moment he has no allies. Martin's performance, perhaps below par, gives rise to the possibility that he started with higher tyre pressure to protect himself from the warning he received.

“No, no. For sure, higher than what I wanted but less than yesterday declared Jorge – We tried to be a bit better in this situation, but for sure it was not enough and after six laps I was crashing all the corners. It was really difficult and frustrating that I couldn’t push for all the race. But I think it was more the temperature behind Pecco. I struggled and then it never came down. I tried to put pressure on him, but I felt I was crashing so I just slowed down. If the pressure is high and the temperature is lower there are no problems, but the two things together create a big problem in managing the front".

Do you think that the issue of tyre pressure risks compromising the racing in MotoGP?

"Of course, 100%. This year it's like this, we have warnings and we have to be careful, but from next year with disqualifications the races will often be jeopardized. I think we have to use leverage to try to eliminate this rule or lighten it in some way".

Despite coming close to the podium, your situation in the standings hasn't worsened that much.

“We lost one point at the end of the weekend, which is not that much. Sometimes I recover 15, so I’m confident that in the next races I can be fast. If there are some tracks that you can recover it’s Qatar and Valencia, because we are so tight and we can put a lot of riders between Pecco and me. For both sides, you can win and lose a lot of points. So, I’m confident and let’s try to recover and beat him in the next race.”

Could Bastianini's victory today be a further obstacle in the next races?

"Enea had a splendid race today, but I don't think he's thinking too much about team games at the moment, he's had a difficult season, but it's also true that at the moment I have no allies."

Now it's official, Bagnaia also received a warning for tyre pressure. In the last two rounds of the championship you will fight on equal terms again.

"For me this makes no difference, I still feel I can take a risk. I would rather win the race and take the 3 second penalty for low pressure, after all in those situations they often don't make a huge difference at the end of the race. We saw this today too, I'm only interested in pushing."


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